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Pokemon: Cyrus

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My semi-realistic redesign of Cyrus, Leader of Team Galactic.

Out of all the Pokemon villains, Cyrus creeps me out the most because of his obsession of destroying the universe, starting it again as its god and hating human compassion/emotions. While all the other villains have some kind of intention behind their evil actions, Cyrus comes off as a legit psychopath.
Apparently he is the only Pokemon villain with a confirmed age (him being 27). I think that possibly makes him the youngest villain out of the bunch too, despite the fact that he looks so much older in the anime/manga. I think it's because of his prominent cheekbones.

I really wanted to capture his look of insanity here, as well as his dream of becoming a god like in the games.

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What If Cyrus The Boss Of Team Galactic Was Dress Up Like?

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We’re gonna kidnap Pokemon morty
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runewuffHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh man, in the games, this guy was a legit threat. Each Team Galactic boss beat me and halted my progress, so their leader was just aaaaah, the worst.
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Cyrus is supposed till be pretty young, right? 
This pictures it well. :) 
In the games/anime he looks like 50 years old.
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oh my god!
You  made him very handsome! 
I like the way you paint!
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cherrytruckHobbyist Digital Artist
You actually made him look his age :D Well done!
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DoggyToonerHobbyist General Artist
With gen 4 and all the cool evolutions it has, I think we needed a villan who's just a mix between Hanabel Lector and Starlight Gilmmer.
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That would be a very odd villain XD
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I don't think any newcomer of the franchise will supersede him as my favorite villain of Pokemon. I love his calculating, contemplative stare in your artwork. It gives the feeling that he over thought his way into insanity. 
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JasqreateProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you for the comment!
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TavsTheReaperHobbyist General Artist
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awesome shade, it express very well the "scary" side of the character.
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Roddy-BRHobbyist Digital Artist
all I can say is:

moOOOrty, we gotta, uhh, w-we gotta get outta here morty, c'mon...
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RariisuHobbyist General Artist
took the words right outta my mouth
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Damn. This is both the scariest and the youngest looking Cyrus I've seen. I was surprised to learn he was only 27 when I first played Platinum. He looked like he was in his forties in the anime. You did a great job with his expression, it's very creepy.
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JasqreateProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you! I probably might have overdone his creepiness haha.
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Hey that's pretty god!
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MutouYuugiAiboufanHobbyist Traditional Artist
Adding the galaxy as a background behind him was a great idea. The look in his eyes shows that he believes strongly in his goal. Nice work.
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JasqreateProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you!
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MutouYuugiAiboufanHobbyist Traditional Artist
You're welcome.
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YoakieStudent General Artist
Oh wow, I love this! Cyrus is my favorite pokémon character, and it's great to see more amazing art of him!
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JasqreateProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you!
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A-KTheLittleFairyHobbyist General Artist
And the awesomeness continues! I really adore your series so far! In my opinion Cyrus is the most dangerous of all villains here.
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