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Majora's Mask: The Transformation

This artwork represents the scene of Link's transformation into a Deku Scrub after he chases the Skull Kid into the world of Termina. I could not fit in the Skull Kid as he would be where the eye of the viewer is, but the Majora's Mask can be seen in the reflection of the water (like a curse).


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Deku scrubs are soft.

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Aww my poor baby... :(
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I don't know anything about Link, but this is really well done! It kind of makes me wish I knew more about the characters presented.
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delightfully mesmerizing
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Completely in love with this piece! Epic work Eterna!
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Everything goes darker.
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You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?
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I found someone who may be selling your work without permission. Did you give them the right to sell your art?…
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A powerful and most successful capture of this scene.
- Anni
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This is still my favorite piece of art, you did an incredible job.
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Happy to hear! Thank you!
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dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sooooo good!
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Gosh, this is incredible! :D
Not only is every detail perfect, but it captures everything significant about Link's transformation into a Deku Scrub! from his fall into Termina to his transformation.
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No Problem! ^^
where the fu*k is the like and favorite button on this website??? because this is art and i wanna appreciate it 
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Amazing work. Fan art of scenes from games, to THIS amount of detail and care are really wonderful to see.
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I saw this being sold as a silk print at a merch dealer at a con in North Dakota. I'm thinkin' art thieves. They had a bunch of other dA looking prints. Unacceptable.
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Hey so....I saw a vendor at a local convention sell this on a metal sheet (I think it was, can't remember if it was metal or a playmat).
Anyway, did you give any sort of company permission to print this? If not, then they may have just ripped your artwork :(
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