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Majora's Mask: The Clockworks

Painter XI/Wacom tablet.
Everything was drawn from scratch.

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2nd artwork done for my Zelda Theophany project!

This artwork represents the scene when Link (cursed as a Deku Scrub and befriends the fairy Tatl) enters Termina for the first time through the clock tower in town. Coming up he is about to meet a very important character…
I completely remodelled the Clock tower from the actual game's design.

Next up: Terrible Fate!

    • Artwork based on Theophany's incredible Majora's Mask remix album (the second track called "The Clockworks"), which you can find here.

Previous artwork:


The Legend of Zelda is © to the Nintendo company.
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The indomitable Link.
dobbybeach's avatar
How much for one?
Art4Ever77's avatar
Captured the atmospheric haunting so well
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This is dope.

Love this game to bits! ^_^
Aquaridragon's avatar
Amazing vertical perspective and the atmosphere is so moody.
Akita-Nix's avatar
I had the weirdest dream about that once XDXD
PrincessSoldier's avatar
This is a beautiful scene!
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you are AMAZING!!!!
pancakesandhalibut's avatar
Gorgeous! Perfect atmosphere 
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The happy mask salesman icon :You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?
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This piece is absolutely stunning. Would you mind if I got a poster made of it to hang on my wall?
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so atmospheric it pulls me in D: like a mask!
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Wii U:Legend of Zelda MM!
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Am I the only one who noticed the Happy Mask Salesman on the rafter?
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did they use your art for that teaser trailer?
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I am truly breathless by this piece... fantastic! Wonderful!
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Solid. 20 days 'till we are all met with a terrible fate.
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how can I do it to buy this art piece ?
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This is amazing!!!
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Love It love it love it love it love it
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The Clocktower looks awesome!! (I suck at architecture...XD)
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