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LoZ - Sibling Teamwork

Update: Linkle has now been confirmed a playable character in Hyrule Warriors!

Sibling teamwork between Hyrule Warriors Link and his “sister” against an evil aura. You can read all about her here.—> [link] I felt like drawing an artwork of these two just for fun :)

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Huh, are they related??
well if you played wind waker. . . . .
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But that was Link and Aryll...
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Technically, they're not related. But because I want them to be, I call them siblings :P
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That makes sense.
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Yeaaah alright!!!

Another great awesome painting. Well done on this...

They're both awesome characters. They're related to each other. Siblings.
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Absolutely amazing! Love the movement here, they're so heroic <3
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Very nice art work.
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See, I know that she started out as an official Nintendo version of FemLink, but she's an entirely different entity as we see her, mainly because her primary weapon is a crossbow (or crossbows) and not a sword and shield, more specially the Master and Hylian.

Other than a little rant I love the work, do keep it up!
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This is... AWESOME!!!
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This is amazing~!! 

It would be nice if you could remake it and upgrading Linkle's design to the final one.
I'd say this is close to her final design, the only thing is she's missing her compass, but that can be explained that her cloak is covering it or SKull Kid already stole it.
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very good work! :)
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It would be cool to see Link and Linkle work together in a canon game.
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I really hope that Linkle becomes an official Nintendo character someday soon. It's a very cool concept and would make a mainstream Zelda game very fresh and interesting. Well done on the art and concept! :)
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I just watched the Direct! I am so glad that she is appearing officially in Hyrule Warriors!
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