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Breath of the Wild: Preview

Work in progress. Lol I guess I'll get this done when BOTW2 comes out 'cause I'll merge elements with that one into this one.
Artwork completion date: Maybe late 2022. Or never.

(I figured to post the preview for now since I have no good estimate of when the entire artwork will be done).
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Wow, this is really good, that I just...

I wish my art and memes could be this popular...

But I love this, this really bring out the peaceful sense in Breath of the Wild

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I would imagine Link meditates heavily

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This is amazing! I can’t wait until it’s finished.

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Wow! That's very impressive! La la la la 
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Dear Eterna, may I please use this as a thumbnail for a 'How To Meditate' YT video? I'll credit and link the artwork to your account of course! <3
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Sure! Thanks for asking. Please go for it! :)
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Can i use this amazing art on my fanfic's cover? 

I'll put the credits, of course : ) 
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Sure go for it! :)
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thank u sweetie <3 
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I love his expression and his tunic even the armwraps, it's so detailed!
Thanks for sharing this with us <3
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I really like this :)
Impressive!  Most Impressive!
I've been a fan of the Legend of Zelda games and still am.
Great form, texture, and style.  I Love It!
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Amazing art!
I was looking for a way to improve my art quickly
after searching a lot I found some good online courses
Luckily I found a blog with the courses for free

Goood :D
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Woah... that is beautiful! 
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I cant wait to see the finished piece!
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it is so cool, I really like it
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Game is interesting.
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Love it! Can't wait for the final image. <3
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What an amazing art!
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A great game, and an amazing artwork
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