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A Link Between Worlds


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• Painter 11 + Wacom Tablet (entire one layer painting).
• Time taken: I can't honestly remember, but I watched the sun rise and set a lot.
• Original size: 1600 x 14500px

• This artwork is a gift back to the awesome Shaelyn FaeOfDoom- who sent me a surprise gift of A Link Between Worlds so that I could finally play it! Thank you so much! :heart:

Some of you might have remembered me making the huge Skyward Sword art piece a few years back. Well, I've done it again with A Link Between Worlds! I think this is almost a tradition from me from now on.

A Link Between Worlds is a fantastic game. Absolutely fantastic. If you own a 3DS, I recommend you get this game. It really brings back that "feel" of what a Zelda game should be - loads of areas to explore, absolutely beautiful music, unforgettable characters, your own choices to make and not much of a linearity.

I made this artwork while playing the game again and pin-pointing out the main events - which was a bit difficult at times since I really wanted to progress with the game and just drop the artwork, but I wanted this art piece to be completed, despite it being a mammoth task.
Not everything is in this artwork. Just the main events that I thought were most important to me and the game. Plus, the dungeons were drawn in the order that I personally went through the first time.
I've really been wanting to finish this before I head off to E3 2014 at LA this year! Exciting things are happening at Nintendo! See you all there!

Credits to Ag+, for the inspiration in the first place <3

Thanks for looking, and thank you for all of the support so far!

Some of my other LoZ art:

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Hope you haven't stopped making pics like this. It and Skyward Sword were beautiful.

Demon0fAnime's avatar

No words can describe how amazing this is Shock Emote

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This large picture amazing.
GracieCat812's avatar
Bubblegumteal's avatar
It's breath taking
runewuff's avatar
Oh yes Heart
When I was a kid, I loved Link to the Past. I played it again and again. I only wanted more games in that style. I designed, (on paper at least) more lands and dungeons. I waited until I was grown and adult to have more Zelda, in that same looking down from above style, and... when Nintendo finally made it, exactly the same style...
it was worth it. :) (Smile) 
PkmnTrainerLucas's avatar
Are you going to do one for Breath of the Wild?
Jasqreate's avatar
Eventually... Maybe... :P
LaPetiteTriforce's avatar
this is so awesome! great job! ^-^
AssassinsKenway's avatar
I see what you did with the title there.
Angelivine's avatar
I love it
Good summary of the game
l-ondinium's avatar
I love how this drawing tells the whole story of the game in one single image. Great job!
Jasqreate's avatar
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You're welcome!
ZachTheRegressive's avatar
Excellent piece. I especially liked the part where you show the lorule landscape
JasonBall34's avatar
It's not just you, it really looks this way in the game, but it's especially obvious here that Moldorm looks like a hamburger. 

Nice work. I enjoyed the way the princesses' hair flow together into a yin-yang thingy.
At this point, I'm completely convinced that Legend of Zelda has the greatest fan art in the world.
Bubblegumdove's avatar
Amazing. Absolutely bloody amazing.
leontinees's avatar
I didn't like this game one bit, but you have done awesome here! :nod:
Zavellart's avatar
I haven't played it yet, but this piece is super awesome!!! This really deserves a DD. If you did a Majora's Mask version, I would be your biggest fan :)
hOlY sHit...
I Am StUnEd...
this is AMAZING
and a great game too!
SchitzoTiger's avatar
this is flipping amazing.

...get it? cause hyrule/lorule?


Pfffffffffft bwahahaha that was a pun of puns and it was awesome!
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