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30 Years: The Legend of Zelda

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Happy 30th Birthday to my most favourite video game series of all time: The Legend of Zelda! I decided to draw all Links together to celebrate the occasion.

It may seem some Links are missing, but there's some explanations for that. For example:
- Wind Waker Link is also Phantom Hourglass Link and Link's Awakening Link is the same Link in the OoX games and ALTTP. The rule doesn't apply for OoT/MM Link since they're pretty unique (and those two games mean a lot to me on a personal level).
- I decided to add in Ravio since to me he seems like a Link in his own right for the Dark World.
- Deku, Goron and Zora Link were going to be drawn in but in the end they represent the soul of other characters and not exclusively Link - even though he takes on their appearances when he wears the mask. Fierce Deity Link had to be in the artwork though.
- Wii U Link is added in because hey he's part of the family now and this year is pretty much his year :]

This artwork is for you guys. For all you Zelda fans out there, to the creator (Shigeru Miyamoto!) and the developers of The Legend of Zelda games these past 3 decades. :heart:

Early works-in-progress.--> [screenshot 1] [screenshot 2]
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Will there ever be a game where all the Links from all timelines come together for a final fight against evil? It could be a great way to take the franchise to a whole new level.

It's 30 years of great storytelling, epic adventures and one of the greatest video game franchises ever to get to us - with that, I have a long tradition: Almost every console game I played got stuck somewhere near the end (do the remakes/re-releases on different platforms of those titles count as well?)... Breath of the Wild's gonna change that!

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For BOTW2 who else wants to see all of the Links assemble to beat Ganon
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Wow great job dud!
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I think you missed Link from Skyward Sword manga. I don't know if this manga fully canon, but he was the very first Link after all.
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My headcanon is that he's the spirit of the Fierce Deity's mask. So, technically, he IS in there.

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The nostalgia is strong with this one. :) (Smile) It must have taken forever to draw all these Links!
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Congrats Miyamoto for creating two Masterpieces! Not many People can do that :D By the way my No. 1 Game here is Majoras Mask
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Wow; that's a very great pic!
I think, my favourite here is Link of "Ocarina of Time". Yes; that's my favourite "Zelda" game.
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This is great, I love Minish Cap Link especially, since he's my favourite from the handheld games. Right on 2nd is A link between world, and I really like what you did with him half appearing around the stone wall :D
Also love how you made the Wolf link transition, as well as Fierce Deity looking from the distance!
Aaaaah this is just great in general!
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Glad you like it! Thank you! :)
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ah look theres the hero of trains! lol spirit tracks was first game
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Amazing. Keep it up.
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That is so awesome.
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So much love for this <3
Feel bad for Linkle, but this is great
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This is amazing. Great work!
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I love this so much
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Nicely done, I love it.
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this is a great piece. all the links from each era coming in for a celebratory picture.
legend of Zelda is a game series that I have been a fan of, and I'm still a fan of it today.

I know there are some links missing (Triforce heroes specifically)
I just love how u did ALBW Link coming out of a wall.

this is just breathtaking to see and to see how far Miyamoto came with Legend of Zelda.

amazing work!!
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Actually Triforce Heroes Link is ALBW link
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