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moving accounts!

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 11, 2012, 10:41 PM

Yup! My new account is mometa, to go along with my tumblr username. Feel free to follow me on over there, because my subscription on this one is just about to run out. I haven't got any art posted on there yet, but it'll happen eventually, I promise!

I can't believe this will be my third account. It's nice to have a fresh start!

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~happy holidays and a concept

Tue Dec 27, 2011, 5:22 PM

Well, the actual holiday for me is over, but I still get a nice, semi-long break. Cool. I hope everyone had awesome holidays and got nice gifts and feelings and experiences! I got some water colors, but they weren't the kind I was looking for, so I'm just going to go out myself and buy some haha. I miss drawing.

(Okay, now, the rest of this journal is a little pointless and maybe hard to wrap the mind around. Looking back, I don't even know why I wrote it, but whateverrr.)

Anyway, I think this showed up in everyone's inbox-- this article about conceptual art. It's really interesting looking through the comments to see what people think is and isn't art.

It got me thinking and wondering, why are they even commenting? Why is anyone replying to this? Because a lot of people were pushing their opinions on what is and isn't art, and I just think that's so weird that people still do that. Because everyone has their own views on what art is.

Personally, I can see anything as art based on how I think of it. So yes, I think Duchamp's Fountain is art. If people say he was making a statement on how art is crap, well, isn't that a rather artistic statement? But either way, how do they know what Duchamp was trying to say? They didn't talk to him. And what is art to Duchamp may not be art to someone else. That doesn't mean it's not art, and that doesn't mean it is art.

Art is a human creation because art is simply perception. Just like language. It was made by us, but there are different connotations because people are different.

For our Ap Comp&Lit final, we had a class discussion about madness in literature. But the conversation got nowhere because everyone had their own definition of madness, and the difference between madness and insanity, and if there even is a difference. I determined that if you put every student's definition of madness together, you could justify every person in the world as being mad/insane. The word got extremely diluted.

It's the same thing with art. If you combine what everyone thinks art is, everything is art. And just like our class discussion, you can't argue the 'true definition' because it's completely subjective. "Duchamp's Fountain isn't art." Says who? Society? How do you/they know that? And even if it isn't to you, so what? There is no authority telling anyone what art is. Not even the dictionary (which is just a bunch of words getting society to conform in a method of communication). (Because, really; "the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance." That doesn't have to mean anything if you don't believe it to.)

Heck, if you think art can only be a creation made solely of fruit, then art is only creations of fruit. That's it. No one can disprove that because nothing has been proven in the first place. What color is the sky? A lot of people say blue. Well, I say it's tissue, because tissue is just a bunch of vocal sounds put together to communicate an association to something. In different languages, they say something else. People who can't or don't speak use a gesture. And on top of it all, people who are blind don't really say anything, because the word blue means something to us but it doesn't mean anything to them. What's art to some people may just be a dirty, meaningless urinal.

What I'm trying to get at here, is everything is subjective and relative and imaginary. It's perception. Those people trying to argue about what makes art? They usually don't try thinking about it in a different way. Sometimes they do. But in the end, what does it matter? What's the point of sharing your opinion, of posting journals like the one I'm posting? I'm not going to say there isn't a point (although it's arguable, I'm sure, because I can't make people realize anything and even if I did it could be easily flipped around; even if people 'realized' or believed in this concept, they would still try pushing their opinions or sharing their beliefs, which is why I didn't reply to anyone on that article). There is a point. I can't say what the point is directly, but partly I feel it's just human nature. I think sometimes we just need something concrete and stable to base our lives on so our minds don't slip and fall apart. And if that means defining something as abstract as art, well, it's impossible to stop anyone from doing so. (I'm doing it myself, trying to make my own ideas into some sort of substance by typing them out.) Maybe we're all just unconsciously trying not to drown in the futility of our existence.

Gosh, I don't know. Maybe everyone should just watch Melancholia and be depressed for the rest of their lives.

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~thanks + sorry.

Fri Nov 4, 2011, 7:57 PM

Thanks for all the happy birthdays, comments, favs, watches--! I really super appreciate them, they brighten my day truly and completely. The past couple weeks I've been super stressed and depressed for some reason, I dunno, I've been having problems with friends and school and deep hypothetical thoughts, so I've been neglecting all my messages. (Which sucks, because I don't check my emails, and I get emails when my library books are due, and so now probably all my books are overdue and I still haven't checked my email and the tab says I have 179 unread and it's always at zero until these past weeks.) So I hope y'all can understand, I'm sure most everyone gets into slumps where it's intimidating looking at your comments and it's just difficult to get yourself to reply to them and etc. I dunno if I'll ever respond to the really old ones, so I'm sorry!

Anyways, I'm 18 now, which is pretty lame because I don't wanna get older, I like 17. It's a nice age. But whatever, now I'm a lame adult-ish person. Although for a sorta birthday present I got to go see Days Difference + Owl City which was fantastic and inspirational because Days is super attractive and Adam Young just makes me want to slide down rainbows.

Now I gotta lotta homework to do. But Supernatural comes on in five minutes! :star:

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~wow, a dd!

Sun Sep 4, 2011, 2:04 PM

My deviation, Rendezvous got a DD! *A* Secretly, I was always frustrated when someone made a 'wow a dd!' journal but didn't link or thumb the deviation that got it, so then I had to LOOK for it, so I'm sparing the search aka click to my front page by linking it. Okay, not that big of a deal, if you get a DD the last thing on your mind should be making sure the journal readers are satisfied, but I did it, didn't I? ...I don't know.
I'm not sure what I'm supposed to say, or how I should react, because honestly I'm just... maybe in denial HAHA I DUNNO it's just not something I'd ever expect! (And here's that obligatory "I had 20 feedback messages one second and then 120 the next" statement, except I saw that at 2 in the morning and refreshing again in the afternoon was much more shocking because that went up by like 600 and als;kgjdds) So, I'm sincerely grateful and thank everyone who likes that piece, it's just, wow, like, how do I even express myself? Because it's not like I'm doubting that people like it, it just seems like DDs are given to those flawless pieces of art that are groundbreaking and just perfect, and this own piece was just me thinking well I feel like drawing one of lynstrommr's characters again and reflections are cool lololol. As anyone can tell, there are mistakes, because I did this in a total of like two or three days without references for the pose or anything and I'm generally impatient and don't fix little errors. It was just a spur-of-the-moment piece, to put it bluntly. But I did try really hard with it, and I'm glad people noticed that and thought it deserved to be given attention. :star:

Anyway, I might've said to myself I will take the time to thank each and every one who fav'd the piece, but that was back when it had just 100 favs haha. So thank you for the favourites, the feedback, everything! :heart: I will try my best to respond to all of the comments still, but I tend to be a flake so we'll see how that goes.

(Also, it may seem like I'm taking this really calmly, but in reality I'm grinning madly and on the verge of freaking out and trying to breathe ALL AT ONCE and it isn't working very well)

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Sun Aug 21, 2011, 6:40 PM

Just a little note, but I have $5 chibi commissions open maybe indefinitely. I'm not at all strapped for cash, but I could always use money for gas or lunch haha. Here are a few folks who also have commissions open:

complaint-dept has her commissions open because she's having some financial problems, and although her post was a little while ago, she's still very appreciative to anyone who'd like to buy something. I've been watching her for quite a while, a few years, and have always adored her art. It's cheap and cute!

CranberryNoodles also has commissions open! Her art is honestly adorable and very cheap to boot. She has a wide variety of things you can commission, pretty much anything at all. I featured her in my last journal but here's some examples anyway!
pomegranate lime by CranberryNoodles contest entry - swiffer by CranberryNoodles a wild SAREE appeared by CranberryNoodles generic cat icon by CranberryNoodles

clumzyme123 has sketch commissions open and also a few designs for sale if I'm not mistaken. Peruse through her gallery, it's very quality (even her sketches) and she's great with color. A bonus with the sketch commissions is that you'll get them within 24 hours!

And last but not least, cheepers has 'sticker' commissions slots still open. Her art is super precious and colorful! She doesn't have any single examples in her gallery yet, but if you look around on her page and her commission journal you can see some of the ones she's already done. She does have some in her art dump, and you can see some samples of what else she draws as well!
Art Jam Summer 2011 by cheepers

And that's it for now. :star: If anyone's interested, mosey on to the links given, send a note or comment or whatever they'd prefer, I'm sure they'd all appreciate it and I wouldn't be disappointed at all in their art, it's amazing.

Now, go look at this video full-view and then listen to this music to calm yourself down!

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~comment to be featured

Fri Jul 29, 2011, 12:43 PM

(I'm bored, need to update my journal anyway.)

Feature time!
Comment on this journal entry, and I'll link you and 3 of your deviations I like the best.
If you comment, you are supposed to do the same in your journal, putting me in first place and completing the list with first 14 people that comment on your journal (altogether 15 features).
The idea behind this is helping spread the art, and not getting a free feature, so check the featured artists.
I'll update this journal when I complete the list. :star:

1. CranberryNoodles
pomegranate lime by CranberryNoodles earth-conscience by CranberryNoodles welp by CranberryNoodles
2. MissMackenzi
YanYan by MissMackenzi A Bold Suggestion by MissMackenzi Shaved by MissMackenzi

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~la la la

Tue Jul 5, 2011, 9:33 PM

I'm so sorry to all the people I haven't thanked or replied to! I'll get around to it I swear, it's just the older the message is the less motivation I have to respond arghhh
Anyways sometimes I'll update with sketches on my tumblr here. Not everything gets on my dA surprisingly!

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~$5 commissions

Wed Jun 8, 2011, 10:57 PM

Oh gosh this is going to be so short, but there's not much for me to say. I'm going to start officially-ish offering drawings --if anyone is interested! It's nothing huge, I don't want to take anything on unless I know I can finish it fairly quickly. Let's see, um.
Basically, what you'd be getting is this;
$5 per character
full body
approximately 400x400
(it could vary but not by much)
simple shading

like these:
Chibis by JaspersAutumn

If you'd like one, please comment on this journal or drop me a note! You gotta pay through Paypal, by the way. And unless I miraculously get a storm of offers, I have an unlimited amount of slots open haha. Also, if you don't want one, but are able to spread the word by advertising me in your own journal, I'd very much appreciate it! (It's totally not necessary though, of course.)

Thanks, and hope y'all are having a fantastic summer. :star:

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Sun May 22, 2011, 11:18 AM

Wow! I haven't posted a journal in... man, I barely even know what a journal is anymore. Har har har!

Anyways, school is ~*over*~!!! I apologize profusely for being so dead and unresponsive and cold etc etc, I just can't focus on more than one thing at a time and if I'm focused on school that'll be the only thing I focus on. You know the tune. But now that I'm on summer break, I have no school to focus on! :D Y'all may be thinking, well now, I can finally devote all my time and effort on art, but I'm sorry to say you're wrong. D: But it's for a good reason...!

I'm gonna be semi-busy this summer. I've got an SAT to take, a Key Club convention to attend, and some art to finish for my friends. On top of that, I'd very much like to work on the back yard and plant more things, and perhaps even get a job. (Yeah right.) On top of that, one of our cats, Misu, had to undergo some surgery to get some tumors removed from his legs, so now they're both bandaged up and he can't walk. Therefore everyone will be spending a lot of time taking care of him and we'll be making a lot of trips to the vet. I'd do anything for my pets, but I admit that it's exhausting work and it puts me in a frustrated and cranky mood. (He can't go to the bathroom by himself, for one. Also we had to change his bandages today, and because he is who he is, he thrashes and thrashes...) So anyway, all that work and maintenance takes me out of a drawing mood and makes me want to sleep forever.

Despite all of that, I still aim to draw every day. Most of it won't be personal things, but practice, like posemaniacs stuff, because every time I sit down to draw something for myself I end up pissed at my inability to get what I see on paper and I just suck at drawing and blah. But guys, I'll never stop drawing, even though it may seem like I'll never post on here again. I crave drawing like... like lovers crave each other after a long absence. Like drug addicts crave a hit. Like.. well, you know! So you'll see art eventually. (Gosh, it doesn't feel like summer break at alllll.)

Also, I'm going to be trying to improve at drawing humans, but don't think I won't be drawing animals still. I miss my characters. ): And I want to draw gift art for other amazing animal artists. I'll never tire of sparkledogs and sparkle animals and animals in general. So hopefully I'll submit a mix of that and hoomens.

I'll shut up for now! I'm sorry for not replying to things or commenting on things or thanking y'all when you give me favorites and feedback, it's just really hard for me to put effort into communicating with others. I dunno. I'm weird. I'll work on it this summer. I appreciate every one of you, even the masses of you who don't read my dumb journal entries, haha. I really do. :star:

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do you want some godly art?

Wed Mar 16, 2011, 8:23 AM

:star:HEY Y'ALL. I'm sorry, I'm being totally dead, but it's spring break and I've been working my butt off and eventually I'll have time to draw for myself. We'll see. So until then, look at some art that's better than mine!

Crimefish is quite an extraordinary artist, I hope you guys know. And luckily for me, she specializes in drawing attractive people. And it's a double plus if you're interested in Supernatural. Take a look.

All Of This Past by Crimefish

This drawing is being auctioned off! You can see the details here. Most of the money's going to charities, some to pay minor expenses she has. I encourage you guys to go bid if you want it. If it's not your style, or you can't afford it, please spread the word with a journal entry or something. I'd appreciate it, and I'm sure she would too.  

She's also having a charity raffle, where you donate directly to a specified charity and you get put in a raffle... she explained it better, so you can see the details right here. There's a ton of amazing prizes you can get from that, along with this drawing here:

rev22:20 by Crimefish

And there you have it! Charity, great art, auctions... what more could you want? (:

As far as my own life goes, I'm finishing up the murals I started forever ago, and then I've got a huge painting and some gifts for my friends to wrap up. I can't guarantee I'll be free before summer break, but if I keep the same pace you should see some art from me. I miss drawing my characters. D:


Sat Jan 1, 2011, 12:58 AM

Here's lookin' at you, kid!:star:


Sun Dec 26, 2010, 8:07 PM

I'm not dead, I swear! ...Okay, I sort of am. But I just wanted to pop in and say happy holidays, to all who celebrate anything 'round this time of year, and happy December for those who don't. Christmas was fun for me~~~ I got a set of 120 Prismacolors, yes~~~! And I also got signed up for another trip to Europe in 2012, lol.
But Prismacolors or not, I'm in a huge art slump. It's winter break, and I finally get to draw what I want (haven't used my sketchbook since June. JUNE.) but everything I try to make comes out like... like sludge. I dunno if I've regressed or I just forgot I sucked so bad, but I suck so bad. At everything. |D I'm going to practice my patootie off hopefully. Although, I've got two paintings + a huge mural + a handful of gifts for my friends to finish, so I probably will end up not practicing and finishing those instead. Honestly, I'd rather complete all that than do what I want, because I'm tired of being super stressed out. for srs.

anywaysssss~~~~~~~~ as y'all can see I was never that excited about Christmas this year.... mostly because there wasn't a cloud in the sky and it was like 80 degrees outside, I kid you not, so I never got into the festive spirit. Just once, why can't we have the miracle of snow or cold weatherrrr D: Though, I was totes into the holiday music. Straight No Chaser makes some amazing xmas songs, probably the best I've heard, I kid you not. I'm not terribly religious, but O Holy Night is climbing to the top of my favourites. Makes me want to literally fall on my knees and hear the angel voices rofl *A* And besides them, I've spent no less than 10 hours this month looking up as many versions of Carol of the Bells that I could find. Bahahaha.

But I'm more excited about THE NEW YEAR AHHHHH well more like I'm working my arms off over it. I dunno why but I put a lot of... conviction... into New Year's. I don't see it as a spiritual thing, but I hate bringing baggage and stuff into the new year, it's just bad luck IMO. So I'm trying to finish as much as I can before this year is over. I need to clean everything, too, because carried-over filth promotes a messy and unorganized year, ah. I just wish I had more time. (This includes clearing out my message centre, but I'd prefer to go through everything instead of deleting it all. 10,150 deviations to go~)

////endddd babbling.

:star:What gifts dija guys get? Are you excited for New Year's? Do you have your resolutions ready?:star:

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Jensen Ackles - Colourgasmic by Imaliea The Joker - WIP3 by kleinmeli Evil Sammy by kleinmeli :thumb176134801: :thumb181576363: :thumb183858550: ArchAngel by hartofbklyn All Of This Past by Crimefish Spot by Crimefish something ever after by Crimefish :thumb148631204: Apocalypto by 88grzes

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secret santa

Tue Nov 9, 2010, 3:45 PM

HEY, it's pretty late, and I shoulda done this before asjgasodig but I forgot OTL but hey, if you guys are still looking for a secret santa to participate in, go join this one! It's for animal artists only, sorry all you people-persons, but it's not partial to skill or anything like that: anyone that draws animals can join. I'm not in it, because I've got too much work this year sobsob, but I'd appreciate it if you guys joined. It's accepting until the 12th- not a lotta time, I know, I know, I'm a horrible person. D: But hey, if you've already got a ref for one of your animal characters, go right ahead!………………………

Have a wonderful week~:star:

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Sat Oct 30, 2010, 4:03 PM

I love... current events. I love civics. Sometimes, I even like politics. But I don't love politicians.
All you guys in the States: have you seen any of the election commercials? The ones criticizing and degrading candidates. That's all there is on TV, these days, and on the radio too. It's so annoying! nAn It's politicians. If I was running for something, I would focus on informing voters what I stand for, not what my opponent was doing at some party years ago. I dunno.

Sometimes, however, calling politicians out is necessary. Like that deal about that one town in California- I can't say much about it, because I forget the town (hahaha) but basically if someone is doing something wrong, they should be corrected. If they have done something wrong, it shouldn't mean they're wrong all the time. Politicians hold life-long grudges.

Anyway, enough of that unnecessary rant. :I I haven't written a journal in a while! My life has consisted of three things: Supernatural, school, and extracurricular stuff. Okay, so two of those three are pretty vague. But, let's just say I've been busy.

Halloween is tomorrow! *A* I have NO IDEA what I'm doing. I know in the morning I am going out to breakfast, but who knows what the rest of the day will bring. Probably homework. I'm going to try and dress up though, so that's something.

The day after Halloween is Day of the Dead, All Saints Day, and my birthday. XD So much going on that day, huh? That's why I'm going out for breakfast the day before. I wish Halloween was on a Saturday or Friday every year, because I hate when my birthday is on a weekday.
I'M SO OLD. I'm going to be 17. >w> UGH. I'm not one to be negative about aging, but I want to be young forever! So I probably won't enjoy this birthday as much as I should. Awww, I'm cynical.

BUT, I'm going to possibly get... ~*a kitten!*~ I'm not so excited about that, either... I KNOW. WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME? But I have the answer to that. I'm mostly just worried. Really, really worried. We already have two cats and two dogs, and one cat is very aggressive while the other is a freak-out. I'm scared how they'll adjust, and how the kitten will adjust. I worry about how the dogs will fare too, but I think they'll be better off. Who knows. If our cats were all girls, I wouldn't be so anxious. Dumb guys. e__e

EH, I've run out of things to say. How're y'all doing? I don't expect many responses, but if I'm still here, you guys are too, and that's fine with me just knowing that. XD I hope you guys enjoy your lives!

Unh, dumb photobucket! You're destroying the quality of my journal header. D:

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~thank you

Wed Sep 29, 2010, 5:29 PM

Thanks to all the favs and watches and views! I might not say thank you all the time, or right away, but I'm really grateful.

In other words, I've been in a serious drawing mood lately. So hopefully you guys will be seeing more from me...
Also, I'm working on lighting for the school play. It's artistic, and technical also, and the lighting head likes me so it's a lot of fun. I got to help choose what colours go for which scenes and model in the lights today~~:star:

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~i guess i'll keep on ramblin'

Thu Sep 16, 2010, 7:28 PM

gonna sing my song~~~

just a little update that doesn't really mean anything.

I uh, actually had something somewhat useful to say, but I forgot.

I lost 5 pounds in a few days without trying to lose it in the first place, hmmm.

For my english class, we have to pick a topic to write a persuasive speech about, like a controversial issue or something. I can't really think of anything I'd wanna talk about... stuff like religion/abortion/gay rights is gonna be old and overdone by my other classmates. I wanted to pick something more unique, but something at the same time that I'm passionate about. Something that's controversial but not necessarily offensive OTL I DON'T KNOW
I was gonna talk about how 'under god' should be taken out of the pledge of allegiance but one I don't care too much about it and two my class is like... 99.9999% religious, me being the exception hahaha.
a small part of me wants to do something ridiculous like support pedophilia LOL
I'm so screwed for this assignment /sob

I watched this 80's movie, The Hitcher. it was bad and yet so good.
also watched Pulp Fiction. lololol



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Fri Sep 3, 2010, 8:03 PM

Whoahhh! Ignore this journal because it's just me wanting to type stuff down. I'm so lonely sob

I donated blood today at my school! Just wanted to say that. XD I missed my fifth hour, lunch, and the assembly we had today because they were running behind by like an hour. I ate before, thankfully. :star:

I really don't like giving blood. n_n People say it's only a little uncomfortable, it doesn't hurt at all, but it does! It really does! At least for me. It hurt the whole time, and I felt like the needle was still in my arm afterward haha. But I'm fine- I watched the needle go in, because I am fly like that (ended up holding someone's hand when they put it in though aosdigjs because she insisted, I could've handled it) and I didn't faint or anything. Most people had a friend sitting next to them, but not me! I did talk to the other people getting their blood taken though, and those sitting by them. Yelling across the gym probably pisses off the workers but whatever lol.

So yeah! That's my experience. I don't wanna give blood again lmao.

Anyway, if I remember, I'm going to submit something tomorrow, and besides that I'm working on my sketchbook assignment~ which is ~*Justin Bieber*~ themed~~~ because the assignments are so boring, so I'm spicing it up. Everyone that's seen it so far thinks I'm obsessed with Justin Bieber but I'm not, do you expect me to draw ugly people eAe NO so maybe once I'm done I will put it all together and submit it, who knows. Most the stuff in my sketchbook sucks because I wait til last minute to do them all.

So not much stuff going on besides school. My sister ran off to college some time ago so it's just me and my mom and our pets, fun. I get her desk space to do homework and stuff, which is nice, because I'm not tempted by the computer ha.

And I should be getting a new scanner soon! Perfect timing, now that I'm starting to draw traditionally. Unfortunately I won't be able to rescan the watercolour swan I did, because it's off in another state with my friend, but I'll be doing other stuff like it eventually. Maybe I'll improve a little this year. :I

So yeah! (If you've read all this, you just wasted a bunch of time!:heart:)

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~i'd only waste it again

Wed Aug 18, 2010, 8:29 PM

Neglecting homework (and sleep) just to get a little respite. But I'm tired so this'll be a short short journal I hope!

School's been okay. Juste d'ac.

French first hour! It's been pretty good. We get very little work since the teacher doesn't pay attention to me and my friend much(we're independent study French V in a French I class, so he's preoccupied with freshman.) and it's fun to just hang out in the morning.
Second hour I've got precalc. Took a test today, and some cute boy in my class told me I got a 100 on it during lunch. (: (Naw, he's probably just thinking I'm a huge nerd!) I've also got this girl in my french and math and english class, which is weird, but I don't think she likes me much hahaha. Or maybe she's just naturally... that way, idk.
Third hour isss art. And I've got a preview for you guys!:star:

I'm super stressed out now because I've got a crapload of work due, but I'm going to fall behind because I'm auditioning for the school play and I'm planning that'll take up my whole day tomorrow. :C :C :C But I really wanna be in this play. I love theatre XD Everyone's all surprised, because normally I'm supposedly really quiet. Hah.

Anyway that's it. I might as well go take a shower and try to be in bed by 10. Bawww, I hate school. I HATE IT.
Is anyone liking their school, or looking forward to go back to it? (If only just to see your friends again? Cuz that's how I am.)

Reference found here, from cute photography blog.

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Sun Aug 8, 2010, 11:00 AM

School starts tomorrow for me. :ohnoes: The break went by too fast.
Accomplished things I needed to get accomplished over the summer: 2%
lol. Mural not done, not near done, and with school starting I'll get less time to work on it, so basically. Fail. ): ): ):

BUT ANYWAYS, enough with my gloom and doom!

It's going to be a busy year for me. Like, super busy. Hopefully, that business includes more art, more submissions, more activity on DA, maybe even commissions. Once upon a time I said I wouldn't do commissions, because my art sucks and no one would buy, but I want a car and I don't want a real job. So.
I have art next semester, maybe second semester if I'm forced into it, so. Hopefully I'll spit out some things worth putting on here. Yes?

Also, I'd really like to try my hand at designing tote bags, because I'm uhhhhhhbsessed with them and can't find any good cheap ones online!!! >:C

To be honest, I don't know how... artistically active I'll be this school year, but art is pretty much the only thing that takes away stress for me while also feeling productive, so. I'll try to shirk responsibility as much as possible in order to satisfy you guys with my arts.

So! :star: sobsob Wish me luck? :I

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