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A few people have asked what "Happened" to my art. It's simple. Before I opened this side account, my main was :iconIsharaHeart: . I've been an artist for a decade, and have a twitter too. On average, about 4 times a year, someone either traces my art, re-uploads it on another website, puts it on YouTube in videos without permission, or hell - takes my OC's and uses them as their own. This is why my OG DA was shut down 2y ago. Plain and simple I have 2 choices. Make it ugly to stop children from taking what they didn't earn, pay me for, or made themselves, or paywall my work. I don't spend hours a day to have someone take my work and make the profit I deserved. Sorry if it's muddled but this is my property and DA doesn't do a great job at protecting artists.


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Prodigal (+ Patreon Launch)

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Gideon - Suice

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