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Closer To The Edge (Trolltunga, Norway)

In fact, i don't see any reason not to keep on describing my impressions about Norway.

Well, have you ever really glorious? Like you've been pulled out of your ordinary life to.. Let's call it another demension! Demention of awesomness! And you're not the person you were before anymore! When i realized the harshness of our adventure, there was no way back, we've passed the point of no return, After thousands of footsteps and 5 mountain miles, my legs were barely moving, i felt severe spasms and comvultion, i've never felt anything likewise before.... But when the going get's tough - the tough get's going! To say i felt exhausted would be the understatement of the highest order. Well, i could say another dozen of impressions depicting the rigorous route, but that's enough for now.
Anyway, i've overwhelmed this. And i fucking deserved awesome picture like that.

What i can overwhelm is mountains and what i can't is english grammar :D

Comment please!)))


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gorgeous place and pic! even if i would be scared as heck, suffering of height sickness (altough not in a super high form) ... 

the ironic thing is that i love the mountain and i go there on vacation since i was a child xD
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Incredible...I would love to visit Norway someday :)
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wonderful shot. I know exactly how that guy feels there
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that's actually me :) So go on, describe my feelings, i dare you :D
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lol , I thought you did the capture. I have no words to describe it, I've been twice in a similar spot back home on a hiking tour. We had no option just to pass the same spot. And it was very dangerous. Your heart stops and you almost hear your heartbeat.
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i've ruled the process and post-process :D 
So you've been twice exactly here? Nice! I'm sure, i'm going to visit this place one more time :) I'd say something about the danger - we've totally fckd up it, cause we didn't have any food and we've start our hike very late, so we were coming back in the dead of cold rainy night :)) Hah, and about heartbeat... I guess, i was so tired and so glad to finally reach it, so i felt like the king of world :D
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No not the same place , It was in Sri Lanka back home. We had to pass a similar spot to reach a small village or else it will take more six hours from another route and it's becoming dark. So we decided to pass that joint. A similar height but a narrow path very dangerous. Nothing to hold on to but some tree roots which were not so strong. Anyways very nice view but the evening dark gave us creeps so we had to rush pass that area. :highfive:
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Wow... a bit scary to get up to that edge!! did you put the timer on then run to be on the shot, or the model was someone else? I've done some mountain climbing back in time and I know how glorious one feels to get to the top and get that privileged view of... "wow, I made it this far" :D. Beautiful shot... awesome landscape!:D
JasperGrom's avatar
Okay, i'm sorry for a long answer, but anyway :D That's me on the picture, and my friend made this shot, we were a company of 4 :) 
Well, i don't climb too much, to tell the truth, it was my first climb, better to say, hike, not climb, and it was too much for the first time :)) And thank you, my feelings were just out of this world ))
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Um... don't look down? :XD:
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another awesome shot :clap: i finally got around to copying the idea and perspective - [link]
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Really absolutely stunning!
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Dang! That is so cool!
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I would feel like Simba from The Lion King on the spot where your standing.
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Your fantastic work has been featured in Friday Night Features.
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No clue what routes ye took but a mile is a mile no matter what path. That pic is full of guts and autogives an awesome impression even tho the pose could be more glorious so kudos to your personal achievement, i'd like to visit that place myself some day :P
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