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Lunar Guard(off duty) /colored/

By Jasper77Wang
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Well, here it is. Thought there was too little of this awesome pony on the Internet... So better make up for it with something;)
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Hey it's Midnight Blossom!
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Sorry,but someone recolored your art and delted your signature:…
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Meh it's fine. You can easily tell it's a recolor and if anyone with half a bit of common sense sees the original they'll be able to tell it's been cropped. But thanks for reporting it!
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Midnight Blossom! :D
Fist-of-doom's avatar
The Bar Pegasi have potential to be adorable. You pulled it off.
Shootersman's avatar
midnight blossom i think,
D'awww, so adorable
There are not nearly enough adorable batpony pics. This is awesome.
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Cute and cuddly, cute and cuddly! Yay for the excellent artwork!
Pink--Champagne's avatar
She is absolutely precious.
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(On duty), I say. Shes simply guarding a cloud, in the most professional way.
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More pictures of Luna's guardponies is never a bad thing.
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D'awww, that's adorable. :3 I always did like Luna's batwinged guards over Celestia's regal ones, they look so much more horrific and awesome :D
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I love the Nocturne guard.
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More lunar mare love is always awesome!
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Oh my!
She's really cute!
I love bat ponies!
Tearahk's avatar
Now thats adorable! X3
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Daww, she's so cute!
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yay! more Midnight Eclipse! I love her so much! XD
This is a real nice composition! ^_^
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Nice! I love the Lunar pony's/Bat Pony's.
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