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*OPEN* Markhorses

                                                                                                                                                     Bullet; Green Bullet; Green Bullet; Green  CUSTOMS are OPEN! Bullet; Green Bullet; Green Bullet; Green   
                                                                                                                                                (contact Brissinge if I am not available)

   You can get Spotlightcompletely freeSpotlight  Markhorse of any gender, line, color and markings 
provided that you show us proof that you
won a custom in a show or other event held by others or by me
provided that you have become a new member of World of Colderra group recently (in this case you can pick 2 common mounts for free)
you can get any gender/color/line (besides Springboks, as they are rare) and markings 


Buying customs through Comm widget or PayPal bullet (prefered) :
    Bullet; Red 4,5$ (450Points) Arrow left Markhorse mare of any line (except Springbok) 
    Bullet; Red 6$ (600Points) Arrow left Markhorse stallion of any line (except Springbok); stallions are not so common
    Bullet; Red 8$ (800PointsArrow left to get Springbok (which is a rare line); mare and stallion both look the same; you can't get Springbok as a free import for joining Colderra group, it can only be bought or won in an event
    Bullet; Red 3$ (300Points)Arrow left to get an accessory for your Markhorse from ancient environment like these: headbandhorns accessoriesearringstail, accesorybracelet and similar crafted items; you and your horse can wear it ever since (remember these crafted items are not only for Markhorses, but can be used for any breed)

    Shiny Exclamation Mark you can only buy new imports provided you have all your previous Colderrian mounts properly registered and their ref. picture drawn

To get the custom, you NEED to fill in following info and send me a note containing:
 Line: (markhor/mouflon/ibex/nyala/catalina/springbok)
 Sex: (male/female)
 Name of your horse:
 Coat color: (realistic horse/goat colors, eg. brown, chestnut, dun, fleabitten gray, buckskin etc., the best is if you send me a link to your desired color)
 Markings and their color: (body marking + color number, legs + color number, tail + color number and head + color number)
 Eyes color: (realistic horse eye color, so basically just black, blue, brown, amber/hazel, light green)
 Mood: (apart from neutral, there are 10 moods to choose from, but you can also mix them)

    Horse emoticon  you need to register your Markhorse, you will need to fill in this particular sheet to work as your horse's registration card (RC) and draw a reference picture (RP) and include all the necessary information in the artist section
    Horse emoticon register and draw your Markhorse within 2 months deadline (I am always willing to give you extra time provided that you show me some interest in the import, I am a human being as well and understand you don't always have time, all you need to do is send me a note asking for prolongation of your deadline)
    Horse emoticon when buying or ordering Markhorse as a custom, state its name to make things easier for the admins

    Horse emoticon if you are selling your Markhorse, you are obliged to note me with the new owner, I can't keep track of all the sales and auctions and how they end up
    Horse emoticon if you are selling your Markhorse, feel free to throw an art auction of him, a raffle or in case of point auction make sure it isn't for higher amount of points than what you bought it for (unless you already have some art of it, more than 3 pictures that is), I find this highly offensive
    Horse emoticon when you buy a Markhorse from a previous owner, you are expected to draw a new reference for it, do not use the old one; all the ranking stays unchanged, all the points are the same and you can go on adding points to its score by drawing it more

Shiny Exclamation MarkShiny Exclamation MarkI, as the creator of this breed, reserve the right to reclaim the import/custom if it doesn't have any reference picture (RPafter 6 months and there is no reply from the owner, or if the owner has deactivetad their account. Shiny Exclamation MarkShiny Exclamation Mark



New markings added! Thanks go to the Colderra members who helped me out a bit. I credit Myval-miki, Bellum-Letale, ajikas-aji and neomu. Many markings were added by myself, some of the greatest are the new TWO-COLORED versions (joker and claun for example, where you can combine two contrasting colors together) or the galaxy like because I know everybody loves shiny markings! :D So enjoy.  

Markhorses can change the color of their eyes and horns according to their mood! It can be only horns, or only eyes, or both at the same time. If your Markhorse has a neutral mood when you buy it, it doesn't mean it can't change. As well as if you buy a Markhorse with green horns - it can change anytime. The eyes are usually shown in neutral color. E.g. the Markhorse can have white (neutral) horns and blue eyes. This means when the horse is at peace state, it will have these colors. I have prepared a chart of moods/emotions you can look at, as many colors have different meaning, this is some kind of guide.

There is not always only one emotion at the same time happening - for cases of mixed emotions, please fell free to show it as you wish. For example deppression can happen at the same time as jealousy, you can draw one violet horn (eye) and the other black. Or you can use some kind of gradient going from black to violet. Or even draw a black background and put violet stripes in it. There is no limit for creativity.
Not only Markhorses can change the color of their horns or eyes (or both), they are also able to change the color of their head or even whole body in case of verystrong and intensive emotion.

There are 6 lines of Markhorses: Markhor, Ibex, Mouflon, CatalinaNyala and new Springbok. All of are very good climbers as their ancestors are goats or antelopes. They differ in the height they live in. And the most distincitve feature is the shape of their horns plus some additional markings. 

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Terratan horses - subspecies reference sheet


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How I once read, markhor means snake eater. So can they eat snakes? Just how some people though that real life markhors could do that but they don't?

I apologize
TheAngelicGunslinger's avatar
are they only free to new members or to any one?

and would you take art for a second one? I don't have any points.
Jasper-19's avatar
Hello there, yes, there are only free for new members of World-of-Colderra who do not have any other mounts yet. 

Otherwise if you are not a member, or already own 2 mounts in Colderra, the points options apply. 

Art is sometimes accepted in pre-made imports, so you can keep an eye on that. :) I hope this answered your question. 
TheAngelicGunslinger's avatar
yes thank you. i'm a member have been for a while but i don't have any mount yet. how would that work for me?
hana-nisshoku-kamazi's avatar
do you know when customs will be open again, and if you sell any for art??
Jasper-19's avatar
Hello there, customs are open now, contact Brissinge 
ArcacaT's avatar
Bylo by možné poprosit o jednoho markhorse jako starter koně? :D
WoC-Brissinge's avatar
marky dělám teď já, take jako starter by šel, napiš mi note jakeho chceš :D pokud teda už nemáš startera jineho :D
ArcacaT's avatar
Já už na tento komentář úplně zapomněla!! Ale jsem ráda, že sis toho všimla a ozvala se, děkuji. Ještě si ten návrh rozmyslím a napíšu do note. x3
Já budu mít svého markhorse!!!Svého pureblood markhorse!!AAAAAAAA
EsaArts's avatar
Hey, Jasp! Wanted to ask - it is open to breed for beginners?
Jasper-19's avatar
Hello there Esa, if you are still interested, and you are new to Colderra, you have two free custom horses to choose from. If you have already picked two, then the prices apply for you above ;) 
EsaArts's avatar
Oh, Hello! Good to see you again =)Thanks for answering. My friend wants Springbok, she`s a newbie ( Vitia4mo ). Can you get her a stallion?
Brissinge's avatar
yes it is, but unfortunately Jasper is currently very busy, so there are no new customs or imports made.
Tamia-Grey's avatar
Hello, I have some question. Can they have two body marking? Like fleabitten + overo? Or for the coat color some paint horse + other body marking?
Jasper-19's avatar
Hello there, yeah sure they can. But this combination I have never seen on a real horse like a fleabitten paint :D But it would probably look very interesting. You can have as many markings as you wish, I just advice people not to overcombinate it :) It is always nicer when the horse has some decent markings that come together, that look nice, for example one marking on head, one on the body and a tail.. or instead of body just legs.. But the final choice is up to you ;)
Tamia-Grey's avatar
Okay, thanks! I will note you about a mount :D (Big Grin) 
Luffy-Art's avatar
Asi si dolním markhorse o jednoho víc mužů napsat? 😀
Jasper-19's avatar
píšeš z mobilu? :D Asi budeš muset napsat ještě jednou, nejde to přečíst... pochopila jsem že asi chceš custom :D 
Luffy-Art's avatar
Promin jo píšu s mobilu ale jak to vidím DA to nepobira dobře ano chci custom a chci o jedno ho markhorse víc jestli mužů napsat?
Kurooukami's avatar
What a breed *-* It's fantastic!
Jasper-19's avatar
well thank youuu Hug Thats lovely to hear, especially coming from you :) 
Kurooukami's avatar
I'm in love with their fluffy tails x3 
Jasper-19's avatar
thats probably what all their fans are :D Thank you very much :) If you join our group of Colderra, you can get 2 mounts for free, including these, so you can even pick two Markhorses for starters
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