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OS X Yosemite Home Kit and Health Kit

Icons for OS X Yosemite Home Kit and Health Kit: Retina Optimized
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try to not make all of your icons round, just a heart for instance could be a lot more interesting. apple also only has a couple of round icons
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Yeah I feel ya, thats why I look to creat icons that are distinctive when they are not part of the iOS/OS X ecosystem. Such as my Steam and Transmission icons which incorporate the new standard of a 9 degree rotation on a rectangular icon while maintaining their individuality. This is also how I made my Microsoft Outlook Suit maintain a standard yet incorporates layers to set it apart from other OS X stock icons. However, you also must maintain an understanding of that ecosystem and how breaking away from these design standard set by Apple can create confusion (as well as make for a messy looking dock lol). It is alway important to keep this in mind as well as understand that creating an icon just to be distinctive will not stand the test of time. As for just a heart icon for Apple's Heath App, sure that could work but it also breaks away from Apple's standard. A heart icons could belong to any 3rd party company. But a heart icon that is shifted up and to the right and surrounded by white is clearly seen as an Apple made app. With all that said, thank you for the feedback. It's always great to have constructive crits to push forward design thinking.