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OS X Yosemite Drives

OS X Yosemite Drives. 
Update: Fixed Some Resolution Issues
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Thank you !!

Can you do macOS big sur?

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this was made in 2014. the guy hasnt been active i dont think.

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Hey Jason! These look great! Would you be willing to give out the png files? Somehow Photoshop doesn't like the .tiff or rather it doesn't like the transparency in the tiffs. And I would love to change the color of the USB drive.
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Any plans to add a media one?  I've been looking for so long that I just signed up to post this comment.
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These are the stock Apple drives so I will not be adding to the current lineup. 
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Can you upload icons for CD, DVD and other devices?
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These are amazing! I'm using them on my Windows 8.1 PC right now! There absolutely beautiful! =D
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Exactly why I make .ico, show Windows some love too. Thanks. 
Okay, I'm confused. How do you use these? I got Info on one, copied the icon, then pasted it onto my drive, and now my drive looks like a Preview file.
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The best way to apply icons at/for system level icons is to use a software called LiteIcon.
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It's possibile to have the Photoshop CC file of the drive icon with text? I have an idea to use it for create personalized drive icon for my specific use like "RAW" (for original NEF drive) "Lr" (for the Lightroom catalog backup drive). Thank!
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Simply use the PNGs to create your own drives with your desired text. 
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Lovely Icons, May you include icons for CD, DVD etc also?
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Is there any possibility you could make that wallpaper available for download?
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I've added them to the original download here: Enjoy!
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Beautiful work!
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