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What to do if the macbook is slow? (Jamming when two fingers are moved 2 down, clicking).
Earlier I had a problem because it made "strange sounds" but it stopped after one day.
Edit. I've reset it and it's probably working well but lately something has been happening to it. Before it got stuck and it was impossible to even go to the desk. He even saw a pixelated screen.
What is the location of this image?  Looks like Iceland and some parts of Scotland.
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This is great. Thanks!
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Wow great set. Dont have a mac, but this is a nice wall.
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Yeah great :) 

thanks :)
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this might be intended for Apple, but it's going on my SUSE Linux laptop just the same!

Beautiful job!
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Lol I'm using it on my Windows and Mac =3
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For Apple products huh... hope they won't mind me using it on my PC :P
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My thoughts exactly xD
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Awesome. I was hoping someone would post this.
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really grate thanks :D
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Thanks for sharing. It's hard to find in the net...  :-)
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Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing that, Jason.

I'm in love with my desktop right now Love 
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very fantastic. 
what a fantastic wallpaper!
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Fantastic. Thanks bro :)
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awesome thanks !!
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