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Planet of the apes #4 pg19 colors

Dawn #4 from Boom Studios. Out Wed the 26th!
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Oh gosh, it's you! I just noticed right now. I guess I was really tired when I looked at this picture, haha. <3
This reminds me, I have to buy the comics. Even though I did order the WPotA but only one has arrived so far.. :(

(The stories are too short though! Pressure BOOM! to let you guys make them much longer :D )

..I  hope there will be more PotA again one day. :c
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Hey! Sorry for the slow reply, I haven't been on here lately. I'm not sure if there will be any more POTA comics that are connected to the new movies, but hopefully. 

I am working on a POTA Comic with Boom right now, but it's set in the old school apes universe. 
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Am I that slow that I am not aware of ..planned new movies? :x