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The Headmaster

By jasonwang7
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The disciples stood nervously as they awaited their judgement. With a thunderous roar, the headmaster descended upon the cliff of skulls, riding his new pet the Black Dragon. They gasp as the Black Dragon extended its wings, an intense green glow bursting our from its chest. The headmaster raised his hands and all at once, everything seemed silent. He bellowed, "Look at the person to your left and right. They will not graduate."

Based on a true story.

See the entire process at -…
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Wow! stunning and great art work, congratulations!
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Wow! Balloon Boy's Coming for that booty(batteries) 
Awesome work Heart
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And "You are not special," spake the Headmaster!

Epic piece.
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Very cool, although it sounds like only one disciple is going survive this experienceCheers and Applause - NaNoEmo Day 8 
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Luckily for us (this painting is indeed based on real events, and we were the students), more than half graduated.

Sorry for the late reply :/
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Look, there's no question that this is marvelous, in so many aspects that it makes me happy.
However, I don't think you know what "Based on a true story" actually means. xD
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Haha, it's based on a real world experience when the president of my alma mater flew to my school (the main campus was in US while I was studying in Singapore) to reprimand us.

Sorry for the late reply :/
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It could be!
Just minus the cliff of skulls, the magic, and the black dragon Wink/Razz .
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pretty awesome work:)
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Impressive work! The lighting amplifies the mood of the scene immensely. Impressive details and the scale and angle are superb. A story is a nice touch too. Great artwork - a joy to experience.
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