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Overwatch Reaper Fan art

Here's a Reaper fan art I did a while back on my spare time in between client works!
His game play style is really fun, and I loveeee his character design! I hope you guy's like it! :D

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Oh and here's my facebook if you want to connect with me there :) (Smile) -- >…
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Awesome!  Dead walk among you    Awesome!  Dead walk among you…
booyayojeff's avatar
please oh please do a genji piece
RulerofLegion's avatar
This looks pretty amazing.
the-evil-legacy's avatar
that's so beautiful ! <3
PixelatedGoddess's avatar
Reaper is my favorite character, I love him! Great picture, I love the style~ <3
steveizl101's avatar
Sick reaper, would love to see Hanzo. 
McGrid's avatar
Please do more of the reaper :)
heromomo's avatar
cool, well done XD
JasonTN's avatar
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Oooooooooooooooooh coooooooooooooooooool .haven't played this game but this piece still looks amazing!
JasonTN's avatar
Its really good, definitely recommend playing it if you are into fps type games :)
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I hate Reaper a lot. 

Doesn't change the fact that the art is still great tho. kek
PixelatedGoddess's avatar
Reaper is my favorite huehue~
Well ur silly then
JasonTN's avatar
haha fun to play, but not fun to play against :)
Levia-san's avatar
yup, he's a pain in the ass to play against xD 
ApplesArtist's avatar
Unless you're Bastion, Genji, Any sniper class, Torbjorn's turret, Tracer, other Reapers, Soldier: 76 at long or medium range, Dunkrat, And basically every other hero except Support heros and tanks... but only some of them are actually at a disadvantage if you are somewhat good at the class. 
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What an amazing picture!!! everything about it is so dynamic, its like pure eyecandy xD
JasonTN's avatar
I'm happy you think so! :)
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