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Masked Lady

I am quite terrible at naming stuff............................................. ;n;
Anyways this was another practice painting on females and faces.. during the process I was experimenting with secondary lighting and reflective lighting as well
as using different colours :O I was also trying to refine this painting a bit more than my other ones... though I don't think it worked out :P
Anyways that's pretty much all I have to say about this painting haha..
Hope you guys like it :)
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The whole is awesome... but the hands are so well done! Bravo!!
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Ah thanks, I'm happy with the way these hands turned out too :3
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Love the detail and your style is beautiful!!
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Impressive detail! Well done.
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This is gorgeous.
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Oh God, so many details *_* I also love colors here :)
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Nice! what programm it is painted? 
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Thanks! And I painted this on photoshop cs6 :D
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Wow, self-education?
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Your works are awesome... Thank you for sharing them:heart:
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Amazing work. Your style is so beautiful *__*
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Beautiful! Love it. The colors, the feel of it...all of it. Very nice. Love the detail!!
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Good balance of detail and simple paint... congratulations!
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Soo cool art omg xD

(now i can go to sleep haha )
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This is absolutely amazing
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Beautiful! And inspiring.
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In the words of the wise Randy Marsh from South Park:
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Very cool style. Distinctive. I like it.
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Thanks so much :D I'm glad you like my painting style :3
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