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Mage Concept

A mage concept I did. :)

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Soulslayer317's avatar
looks really amazing, the colouring is awesome
Raistlindantilus's avatar
This is good stuff.  Thanks
Arabus1's avatar
Really nice, mysterious and ominous!
Kubanko's avatar
This one looks so enigmatic and evil :O 
I love it sooo much absgdhvadvamn <3
TFSakon's avatar
There's quite a sinister look created by the red colours and the sharp shapes everywhere. Particularly signified by the extended claws.
RgDraw's avatar
Amazing ! That's the kind of mage you don't mess with ! xD
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Alathraios's avatar
This art is amazing !! ^^ Would of never thought of a Mage like that at all. Normally when people think mage, we think staffs and all. But this is such a unique and well made Mage. Good job!! :)
JasonTN's avatar
Thank you for the kind words! I wanted to do something slightly different, im glad you like it though :D
MudslingerArtist's avatar
Nice - seems very different compared to most mages i've seen -  such as the lack of a magical tool.
JasonTN's avatar
Thanks! I was have a lot of fun playing around with different designs
Abusive-Panda's avatar
seriously, have my babies.
JasonTN's avatar
haha not sure if that would be a good idea xD
Kuzay-i's avatar
this is freaking awesome!!!
JasonTN's avatar
Thanks so much! :D
Kuzay-i's avatar
heh no prob :)
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