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Kalista Fan Art

So for some reason I thought it was a good idea to install league of legends for "reference and inspiration", I ended up getting slowly sucked in and played a "few" games, haha i've been procrastinating a bit lately, oops :P
Anyway I got really inspired by the champion Kalista because of her awesome character design. So I painted a little fan art piece for her. I had a ton of fun painting her so i'll definitely do some more league fan art very soon.:)


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Hi :) I just did a charcoal practise of your gorgeous work and I wanted to ask, if I may upload it :3
JasonTN's avatar
Sure! Just make sure to credit it, also send me a link to it cause I'd like to see it :)
Wild-Growth's avatar
Hey :) I finally uploaded it ^^ [Link]
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I feel obligated to explain this, I have removed this piece from my Faves not because of it's quality but as a result of my hatred for the New LoL art direction, I am sorry.
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This is just beautiful man <3
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Oh my God this is just freaking GREAT! The color scheme is a bit different from the original Kalista (I love you for it) and she seems stronger here, not as lanky as in the original ( LOVE IT! ) For me it's a bit of a different take (a freaking glorious one) on one of my favourite champs in League.
Also, the face... I love it. I love it I love it I love it.
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Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Perfect Kalista fan art!
That's the dark, gritty, menacing atmosphere that I'm looking for ^____^ Awesome work!
JasonTN's avatar
hiiii :D Thanks so much for the kind comment! ;D
Scythes4Hands's avatar
You're welcome Jason :D
I can't wait to see what else you upload - League-related or otherwise
Kitty-Parfait's avatar
This is really well done! 
The brush strokes give an eerie feel to it!
JasonTN's avatar
ah thank you so much! :D
Nejtanek's avatar
JasonTN's avatar
hehe thanks :)
ShahzebKR's avatar
wow love ittt....
JasonTN's avatar
Im happy you like it :)
RgDraw's avatar
JasonTN's avatar
I'm happy you do :D
RgDraw's avatar
you're welcome ! :D
LesDessinsDeSoph's avatar
Kalista is awesome with you're style ! La la la la 
JasonTN's avatar
haha thank you :)
EdvardC's avatar
lol, Nice Kalista! I do love league, and have been playing it for a few years now, but I really miss simple 'fun' matches vs. all the competitive play+rudeness+team bashing+constant champ changes...

Don't get me wrong, I love the game. But I feel like it could use some more simple fun.
JasonTN's avatar
Ah I missed the good ol'days aswell, the community is just so bad now :<
EdvardC's avatar
nice to know there are others feeling it too. :) Its tough. Oh, and btw, Since my last 'devastating' ;) critique...I have really started to like what you have been doin. I like seeing the faces; that element specifically combined with your overall style. I'm definitely hanging around here. :D
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