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Into the Fray!

Yeah... done my painting for the day .-. This one surprisingly didn't take to long to do (hence the reason why it looks pretttyyy rough) it took about 6 hours .-. Also tried to add some debris in the air .-.
Anyways yeah... hope you guys like it ;P
Edit : Fixed him up a bit and made his armour more darker :D
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I was wondering if i could use this picture in my card game? all of your art is amazing! i really love it.
DreamingSentinel's avatar
Your style reminds me of Kekai Kotaki's
NeonDrake74's avatar
This reminds me alot of darksiders any-way good job.
I love this painting. I'm really no artist, but I based this Pixel Art angel off this painting:…
JasonTN's avatar
whoa thats awesome! Great job with it :D
convictionize's avatar
I loved the way you managed the light.
ryanrob20's avatar
beautiful piece of kayle! Going to put on my blog and give credit!! So pretty! :)
JasonTN's avatar
Awesome! Thanks a bunch :D
GnarledContradiction's avatar
This is gorgeous work! :love:
The angelic figure is so grand! =D
squadallah's avatar
Damn... This is one epic piece of art, I really like that. Great job, keep it going
GLAD0Sisaspy's avatar
Holy Crap! That's awesome.
Zombie-Dollie's avatar
Wow this is so awesome!
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Ooh thats a neat way of interpreting the picture :D
Anyaj-NA4E's avatar
Kayle from League of Legends right? Kayle is a girl >.>
JasonTN's avatar
haha nah this isnt kayle for LoL :P Just a character inspired by her :P
DoodleZX's avatar
Is this, by any chance, Kayle? The phrase kinda sells it...
Nice work BTW.
Harbringer1292's avatar
Yea, the phrase made me think of Kayle too, from League of Legends lol. But Kayle is also a woman, the description says the angel in this drawing is a male.
DoodleZX's avatar
I did not see that. But, everything about it is just so... Kayle.
JasonTN's avatar
Haha yeah it wasn't meant to look like kayle sort of but for some reason this character reminded me of her just a bit (although i did not look at references) So yeeah.. I sorta quoted her xD
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