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Fire Mystic

Whew sorry I've been away from the social medias for so long ! I've been really busy with work and entering contests.
Here is something I did for the Art War contest hosted by Cubebrush. So the idea of this contest was that there is a war going on between the realms of Fantasy and Scifi. The goal is to create a character and illustration based off of one those genres that would fight in this war.
I learned a ton from doing this and had a lot of fun working on it.

Also here is a link to the thread where you can see the whole process of how I created this piece for concept to finish!…
I have a ton of stuff I am working on so hopefully I can share it with you all soon!

Draw Crowd :
Art Station:…
Oh and here's my facebook if you want to connect with me there :) (Smile) -- >…
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Really, really great choice of Colours!
drcomonkey's avatar
Amazing. So dynamic, and the colours complement each other beautifully 
Blasterixx's avatar
Once again i am amazed by your beautiful art! :o
Well done! :clap:
I like how you choose the colors, they give out an old, mystic vibe
ParSujera's avatar
I'm in love with these colors

I don't even know what to say about this, it might be one of the best things I've seen here! haha
steveizl101's avatar
Awesome, really like the staff and gauntlet combo and the fire dragon elemental big nose just makes me want it as a pet. :) 
CodeMonkeyArts's avatar
The detail on the face and dragon are just really too awesome!  I love how that mask, the color choices and the shading along the lines of the mask make it pop so much!  The overall piece is awesome!!  Great work!
niladridas's avatar
OMG!!! This is too good man!
giga1214's avatar
There is no emoji that can describe how AWSOME this is.  
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Love this design :)
Harkale-Linai's avatar
It's so refreshing to see your work among all the more usual fantasy art... As always, I love your work on colours and textures, and the composition of this one is amazing!

Oh, by the way, the link doesn't seem to work (it's truncated)... This one does, though:…
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So great ! And welcome back on social media ! :)
Deviljackies's avatar
That design is so badass!!!!
EricLeo666's avatar coolLa la la la ...well doneClap Clap 
Fortunato-Sors's avatar
Those saturated highlights are delicous.
ffnb's avatar
Beautiful! I love the color choices here!
heromomo's avatar
it's  awesome
JBSWIF's avatar
Excellent work
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