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Fire Mage

Heres a conceptual sketch painting of a fire mage :D I was experimenting painting fire and more dynamic action type poses, as well as colours.
Its really rough and loose like always :P I hope you guys like it!
Oh and check out my Tumblr, I posted the process for thsi piece there! 
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Hello, I wanted to ask if I could use this picture for a non profit, fan D&D content I'm making. Credits to your art will be included.

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What do you charge for commissions or rights use?
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I simply love the way it's painted.
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I'd like to ask permission to use this as art on a trading card game. You will be credited of course, with a link to your page on the card itself.
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This is my favorite art work of a fire mage - the one done here by you that is, ever. You've done an amazing work bringing out an older concept and giving it new life in a different way. Amazingly done.
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Great, bright color and cool design!  The symbols on her arms are really cool, almost like they're part of the magic.
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Did you use water colors?
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Nope, this was all painted digitally on photoshop
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Whoa! Love your style!
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this so nice, I love the color *o*
do you play with the brush opacity?
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Thanks so much :D And yes I do! I use a combination of pen pressure and brush opacity :)
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cool style like it
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THanks a lot, I'm glad to hear you think so :D
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wow~!! you're female faces have gotten so much better! This looks amazing!!
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haha thanks a lot :D I'm happy you think so, haha I still remmeber our iscribble days, remember how horrid I was at drawing le female body? (still not that great now but a lot better than before xD)
ah.. good times :3
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haha yeah! XD you've gotten so much better! good times indeed
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What program do you use? Is very good :D
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Thanks a lot! And I use photoshop cs6 :3
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The pose, body proportions, plus set in the middle of a movement, plus an amazing cute perfect face. And those eyes and look! ...voluptuous lips... Gahhhhhrgl.
To me, it is one of your best accomplished piece in all aspects of your style.

(I think I'm in love...)
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