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Elven Army

By JasonTN
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I wanted to push myself to practice painting scenes with multiple characters in it so I decided to paint an army scene :D

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Love the language, love the elves. This is a great ilustration.
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Fucking love this piece!
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looks like Zelda and some Hylian soldiers, and I love it ! Btw, love your art in general, pretty neat, precise and yet original, love the textures the colors and the overall style, rough and still very clear, great stuff !
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They have that regal uniformity which characterises the eleven fighters.
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Reminds me of the hobbit n lotr ^^
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Great diversity of shapes yet all falling in the same design language. The closed/slit helmets are really intimidating. 
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Very nice indeed!
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Amazing work !! *o*
You too have some difficulties painting multiple characters in the same piece ! xD
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Thank you! And haha yeah I have a lot of difficulties  painting multiple characters in a scene, its just so difficult to position all of them and make it look pleasing to the eye.
But I guess that just comes with a lot of practice :)
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Practice and practice all the way !
And i agree, placing the characters is tricky, that's i like doing illustration with one or two character max, but if i have to do more well i'll do more but it's a bit scary ! XD
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As always, I love your art! This one in particular I think is a testament to the fact that you can have beautiful fantasy characters without having tons of cleavage or ridiculous, degrading outfits. Although on that note, I'm not sure if the elf in focus is actually meant as a woman or a man, cause elves generally look feminine. Either way, I like the impression I'm getting from this! I love every part of this, great work! :D
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Thank you for the kind words Mr.Woodland!
I myself am not a fan of hyper-sexuality fantasy women, so I try my best to paint very strong, heroic female characters.
When I was painting this piece I envisioned a powerful Queen leading a great army into battle, or something along the lines of that, so I wanted to make her look tough and intimidating rather than fragile like a lot of female-elves are portrayed. But whether the viewer depicts the character as a male or female doesn't really matter to me :)
Anyway thanks a bunch for the comment :)
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