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Diana vs. Leona

By JasonTN
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Hey duudes this is my submission for the league of legends fan art contest.
It's of Diana and Leona fighting it out in summoners rift.
I hope you all like it <3
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This is looking soooooo good! Diana is right handed tho :D
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Haha that's true, but maybe she ambidextrous :)
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This amazing. Can I make it my iPad background?
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report leona for miss her ult :D
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I really like the colour scheme of this one!
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awesome as always ;) i like really much the composition/arrangment (or whatever you call it right) .  Puts some nice power into a picture.
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Ah thank you so much :) I'm really happy you like the composition of it, I was a bit iffy about it :p
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Came here from elohell.net cuz it was definitelly worth commenting! :D
Awesome work, poses of champs, colours and THIS WARD <3
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Hi, thanks so much for the support haha I'm happy you like the piece, and yes the ward is my favourite :3
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It's all my pleasure <3
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I LOVE YOUR STYLE!!!! I have no idea how you achieve this look, but its TOO AWESOME!!! Both acurate forms, shape and lightning and loose lines and shades. It is perfect!
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Ah your too kind :) I'm really happy you like it! I was a bit iffy with the forms/proportions, it was really tough for me to get it look okay ;o;
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Ah Thanks Brittany! I'm happy you think so :3
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you're very welcome :D !!
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=O Wow! This is nice!
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hehe thanks a lot!
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