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Desert Knight

Hellooo its me again, I know its been awhile :P So Here's a little sketch painting, I was practising  perspective, and different colour palettes.
 I hope you guys like it~
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Can I use this in a Card Game?
Absolutely gorgeous. Plus your art style is cool.
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nice character keep it up 
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I love it - are you painting these using software or actual paint?

I'm impressed with how you can keep a casual paint style without hard, defined lines... yet still show so much detail. That's some talent.
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Thanks a lot! And I am using photoshop to paint this :)
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I love this, I love this !!!!!!!
Wow she's pretty~
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Wow, gorgeous! I love the pose and perspective!
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Damn, this is cool, I love seeing these sketchy works, there is so much life!
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Great palette, that's the first thing I noticed c: Then I looked closer and noticed how the rest was great as well ^u^
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;u; thank you for your kind comment :3 I appreciate it! :D
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Great! Lovely style! 
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I love the atmosphere in this--great brush (?) strokes and atmosphere.
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Well, It was a successful practice because colour palette is juste gorgeous! The sketchiness give a mysterious vibe to the painting, it's beautiful.
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Woohoo thanks a bunch :) Glad you like the sketchiness :3
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wow so beautiful! 
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Thanks dood :D Glad you think so 
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yer very welcome man! :D
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*__* i like the armure, we can imagine the material it was made with.  :)
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Amazing style as always!
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heh thanks Vexcel! :D
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Very cool, I like the color pallet!
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