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Hey guys! SORRY for the lack of updates!!! Its been ages since I last posted something ;o; So much school work these past few weeks, didn't really have too much time to paint much.
Also I've been doing more stuff for my portfolio on my spare time :/ (Unfortunately digital pieces aren't accepted ;o;)
Anyways on with the piece! I did this for one for an art assignment. I wanted to create my own interpretation off the iconic figure, Death. I also wanted to practice drawing stuff in perspective, so I went with a sort of bugs-eye view angle for this piece. I was also experimenting with colours once again :3 
I hope you guys like it! (And again sorry for the lack of updates, now that I am on a 2-week break I'll try to post more stuff :3

If you are interested in purchasing this painting as a print please visit my print shop here :
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Hello! This wonderful! You'r so talented!

Can I use this for cover of my fanfic on Wattpad?

If I publish officially, I will definitly buy this later!

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this blue lamp if it's changed to book or watch it will be beater
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O death, o death
Wont you spare me over until another year?

 The song from Until Dawn would fit this perfectly!!
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Remindes me of the greek god Charon, who's task was to carry the souls of the dead over the river Styx to the land of the dead. He would always demand payment from the dead in order for theme to enter his boat.
This is by the way a work of beauti.
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I like the blend of colors and contrasting of death to the background. 
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Also the underworld's ferry master, Ciaron. :3
Nice work
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Ёбикус Грэйн просил передать, что ты хорошо рисуешь 
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Концентрированный вин)
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It's just so amazing
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Absolutely beautiful ❤️
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Oh my god, this is spectacularly terrifying, it is awe-inspiring in every meaning of the word. I definitely wouldn't want to see him coming to take me away. Amazing job!!!
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This is amazing!
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This is awesome
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This looks stunning!
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Wow Great Work....;)
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Gorgeous work!
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Hello :wave:

You have been featured in :icongetdailydeviations:'s most recent journal. Check it out here!


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Heh awesome! Thank you so much :D :D :D
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My pleasure! Hope you'll :+fav: to support the other artists!

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wow I love this one! :iconlove:
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Looks pretty epic.
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