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Boss Fight

Hi! Here's a painting of a battle scene I did throughout the week. I had a lot of fun playing around with the poses and the magic effects!

Draw Crowd :
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I was like: "Now that looks like one hell of an opponent".. than I saw the rest of the enemies in the bg.

so good

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I-I think I've seen a game like that before, it's called Dark S--
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>when you know fucked up in character creation and should have picked mage class
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DARK SOULS anyone?
Your paintings have really fun compositions with tons of action!  Color palettes are gorgeous, thanks for posting!
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Great poses. I really like the hand(s) on the magic knight!
CodeMonkeyArts's avatar
The magic is awesome and I love the action in this piece!  The mage looks great but the demons flying towards them are just expertly drawn!
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The Chosen Undead new Journey
I can see a lot of souls to Seek and Consume
AmandaRamsey's avatar
amazing work! Love the details! 
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The bats and the Magic the effects are sick
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sup dude, you get better each time you post, but what really does it for me are the very well done dynamic poses or angles you have been doing lately. keep it up. 
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Very cool! :D The swarm of bats looks great!
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cool, I like it
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Well this is something that I wanted to see today! Fucking epic!!
Runn1ng1c3's avatar
Amazing lightning and colour.. wow awesome *0*
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Damn! So bloody badass!!!! XD
Green dragon beams FTW
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Nice work as always.  Your color work and style is awesome.
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YAY! 4 of my favorite things!

1 Bosses

2 Magic


4 And your work!

Seriously dude, nice one. I imagine I'd be awesome to see inside your head
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haha thanks :) My head is full of fantasy, knights, mages and battle scenes, not really that interesting :O
hannibus42's avatar
Sounds like fun to me! mine has some fantasy, as well as classic rock, physics, science fiction, memes, video games, and some unspecified form of personal madness that's probably going to grow throughout my life and leave me too emotionally crippled to make sense of even the most basic parts of being a person of any kind!.........,its a good thing!
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wow ! Impressive work ! :D
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