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Battle of Angels


Soo I decided to get back into drawing battle scenes haha... and angels (Haven't drawn em in quite awhile), darn wings are so difficult to draw!
Any who, I've been practising quite a bit on drawing more dynamic poses and action scenes, aannnd it's dangerously tough, getting the poses to look some what anatomically correct took many scrapped paintings ._. 
Although this one came out alright so I hope ya guys like it! (I may or may not come back to this one and refine it further :P)
Oh and check out my tumblr :
I posted the process for this piece there :)

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Awesome work!  Seriously moving!  
Would you consider letting me use this piece to illustrate what the the war in heaven could have been like?  I teach a small group of women about the Bible and this shows the ferocity and intensity of the battle. I’ll be happy to give you credit on the pic.
Thx for considering my request and keep up the amazing work!
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such an awesome piece...realy realy nice.
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This is pretty badass!
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haha thanks a lot! I'm happy you think so :D
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interesting style
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Definitely amazing! The detail in this is a lot clearer. The whole picture is just so awesome! Background is definitely unique[EXO] Luhan Emoticon
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Excellent artwork!  The energy and motion are fantastic! :)
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Thanks so much! :D
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This is awesome!  I love battle drawings!  This one looks incredible!
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aw thanks a bunch!
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You are awesome. That is all.
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Thank you! You are quite awesome yourself :3
this is just awesome, the pose, the atmosphere, the painting in general and how every element combines to create a great battle scene.
looks like i found a new wallpaper :P
my bet is on the purple one though :P
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ah thank you so much, you are very kind :) I'm glad my artwork is worthy to be your wallpaper :D
no problem.
what deserves praise gets its praise
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You're welcome~~
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Your style is awesome as always!
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:D :D Thank you! I'm glad you think so!
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