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Arch Angel

Sorry for the late upload xD I have been procrastinating again .-. i failed my 1 painting ever 2 day challenge already! xD Oh well :P Welp I just wanted to draw something with wings... .-. and this is what I came up with.. I had just a little inspiration from Diablo 3 for the hood :O Also sorry for the horrid background xD did not have alot of space to make a fancy scene since the angel is taking up most of the canvas (lame excuse) .-. .... plus I suck at painting backgrounds..... :3
yep.. that is all .-. goodbye!
also.. i updated this abit .-. added a tinnny bit more detail xD also I added in the rest of the swooord!! :O
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Y también te quiero pedir permiso para este libro:…
(This comment was translated from Spanish to English)
Hello! Your painting is amazing.
I want to ask you a favor: It happens that I am an epic fantasy writer and I want to ask permission to use your painting on a cover, I am a new member of Deviant Art and wanted to know if you could give me that permission.
I can send you details about the book if you wish.
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Gah.. I would hang that up so fast! I'm sure people who don't even know of D3 would do the same!
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How do you paint so loosely? It's wonderful :)
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Astonishing piece of art
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he is cool and I played diablo 3 :) its some times good not to add a scene behind them that way people could add there own story to the picture :)
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Awesome! I love tyrael, this is freaking epic :heart:
Nice paint buddy!
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Absolutely love it!
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omg im now u fan numer 1-=D
JasonTN's avatar
yaaay I have a fan :D!
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Your draw is Magnificent!! Congratulation I love it!!
This is amaaaaaaaaaazing man
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thats a sick archangel!  <3
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excellent !!!!:D (Big Grin) 
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could you do a star wars arch angel
JasonTN's avatar
possibly... also what does a star wars arch angel look like?
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an arch-angel that's also a jedi (in my perspective)
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nice one...
thousands thumbs 4 u...
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Thanks a bunch :3
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