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Angel of Time

Yeey finally put something out after quite some time.. sorry I haven't been able to get my hands on a computer lately sooo yeah.. :p
Haha.. I think this is probably one of the most detailed pieces i've done so far! Even though its still rough haha .-.
I was really trying to render this piece quite a bit.. and make it really detailed... though I'm not too sure how well it that turned out :P
Anyways I hope you guys like it, I think it turned out pretty okay!
Enjoy :D
Edit: So I recently realized that the wings didn't look to great haha.. so I took some time to re-do the wings! I think it looks much better this way :)
EDIT 2: I made this painting available to purchase as a print! Check it out here!
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Der-KAIser92's avatar
how can any picture that you make, look so eeeepic??!!!
fairy9311's avatar
Forget what I said Previously it is really great after that I looked at it again ignored what I said previously :)
JasonTN's avatar
Haha no worries, I don't take offense to critiques :3 thanks a lot for the critique though :) I appreciate your effort in analysing it! :D
fairy9311's avatar
Aaah, this comfortably. I was afraid that I bothered you, because I continued to comment on your work and say strange things, but do not worry I'll try to keep what I think for myself the next time Sorry again
JasonTN's avatar
Heh don't worry about it please! I really enjoy reading comments, it's just I don't have too much time to reply to all of them.
I really appreciate the support and you taking the time to comment on them! I like readings people take on my works :)
fairy9311's avatar
Aaah, you really do not need to answer them I just thought that a lot of them are annoying. I hope you did not think that you are forced to respond sorry
JasonTN's avatar
No no of course their not! I appreciate the fact that you go out of your way to write down your thoughts on a piece of mine! I don't think they are annoying at all silly xD
And I only respond when I like to, so it's not really forced heh
fairy9311's avatar
I am always glad To see Works as your Works looks as if It tells story I do not like the rigid Works Whatever contain details And precision I'll wait for your next Work :) and thanks
fairy9311's avatar
I'm really sorry for the intrusion, but I have always thought that the time Fit in a sword More than Spear But it is really fantastic ....Sorry again :(
Subaqueous's avatar
The textures are so rich and supple and your details thrive
MissAcacia93's avatar
it makes me think on "song of fire and ice" illustrations
MissAcacia93's avatar
heeey amazing!!!
JasonTN's avatar
Thanks buddy! 
Auryuu90's avatar
You've improved so much on the wings! Good job!!! :D
JasonTN's avatar
Haha thanks a lot :) I'm glad you like the wings!
FarukArts's avatar
It's awesome!! I like it, but the only thing for me is that I feel that the wings are too thin, but that might just be personal preference.
Arrhakis's avatar
Just incredible dear friend ! 
JasonTN's avatar
thanks so much!  
kuraigatsu's avatar
Hey it looks really good! Keep it up ^^
JasonTN's avatar
Thanks a bunch! I'll try my best to :)
Ophiuchoos's avatar
Gorgeous! that a very intimidating angel I must say, I really love the helmet and the spear.

The only critique I have is the outlines of the feathers, the look a bit simple, but its an awesome piece none the less.
Keep with the good work!
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