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Angel Knight

Hey guy's as promised here's another Angel falling dropping down from the heavens :) This one was a huge pain in terms of perspective and posing, took me quite a while to get it to look decent.
Also there may or may not be one more angel coming, heh depends if I decide to scrap it or not!
Anyway's I hope you all like it!

If you are interested in purchasing this painting as a print please visit my print shop here :
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Did you do matte painting for this?
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By anychance, is there 1920x1080p version of this? Would be sick for Epic Music video <3
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I hope archangels look like that :)
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Amazing work *-*
I'm currently doing this large piece about angels in biblical canon on my blog ( I hope you don't mind when I use this as the cover Image? Of course all the credit will go to you ;)
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You did a awesome job making a angel look bad a**. Most forget they are the ones who can defeat devils.
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Hmmm... never thought an Angel could look so badass... ever.
My good sir i love you for this :D
Natsu and Happy (Thumbs Up) [V1] 
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Exquisite, One of the best Angels i have seen , amazing!
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Bravo! This colors with angels is perfect! Congratz m8!
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aaaawesome, esp the wings^^! mighty looking pose .. just landed to kill everything around him^^
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haha thanks a lot, the wings and pose were especially hard to get right xD
Der-KAIser92's avatar
Oh yeah that I can imagine, but you've done it great! ;)
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Added to Imagyalite's featured gallery. Brilliant work!! Overflowing with delicious energy!!
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Nice artwork! Love to see it featured in our magazine. Graf-X Illustrated Magazine!!!
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Great piece of work!!
Thanks for sharing...
Featured in Daily Inspirations at…
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Interesting.. So far this is my Favorite one
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haha same here :D
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Mate! Im gonna say it once. This is awesome and i absolutely love it.
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ahh thank you :)
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