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Title: Springsteen
Software: Photoshop

This is what I did about a month ago, a spot illustration of the "new" Bruce Springsteen, for The Weekly Standard. At first it was going to have a background and print a little larger. Then half way through painting it that way, it was moved to a different section of the magazine, and a background was no longer needed. No big deal, part of the job, it's a weekly magazine, things are bound to change last minute. I really love working with these guys and I hope to continue on with them, I enjoy illustrating current issues, it's more interesting and fun for me then painting random celebs! All in all, two days worth on my part, about 14 to 16 hours of work.
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That is kinda cool...!
Excellent work! :)

It was featured on my website:…
I really like this and used it in a journal I wrote. I posted a thumbnail of it in the journal so I hope it will help promote your work. My journal entries are based on a central them and then I try to tell the story by using the art of Deviants. I hope you like it! Thank you!!!
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Awesome work, thanks!
Featured in my article here: [link]

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I love the details in your, skin and colors are incredible...*envy* ;)
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amazing work :)
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:D That's our Bruce.
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best springsteen caricature i never see
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This is so good/funny!! :+favlove:
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Very nice work
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greetings from Peru ;)
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BRILLIANT!!! ;) I love it!!!
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haha thats awesome.
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Very nice work. I never could get the hang of caricatures, so I'm doubly impressed when I see a good one. This definitely qualifies.

The face and hair have a nice realism quality that draws the eye to it and then hangs on for dear life.
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hey cool! i really like the angles with the pose.

the light brown on the armband sorta throws me off - i'd break it up a little bit more, but that's just my taste.

the coloring is gorgeous.
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