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Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleaon Dynamite

Jason Seiler
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Holy shit this looks so real got everything right about him.
TheEVN7's avatar
jajajajaja Nice! 
samhain23172's avatar
God I hate that guy lol.
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shoulda made it 1% milk, like the girl was drinking in the cafeteria xD
arihoff's avatar
Wow amazing work... Love the concept:)
LieutenantStranger's avatar
Did you draw this because you think you're fat?
CheeseWeebie's avatar
I first found this on google images. 'tis very awesome.
StevenMahn's avatar
Gosh!!!! This is Awesome!
Subjulio's avatar
Vote for Pedro!
Batartman1989's avatar
this is mind blowing!!
RodneyPike's avatar
This was the image that inspired me to try caricatures. My first attempt was a similar image of Napoleon from a google pic using liquify. Love this one!
CandyPop101's avatar
Im sure you've heard this a million times but....flippin' sweet!
Awesome work, thanks!
Featured in my article here: [link]

DsEstrada's avatar
Perfection!!! When I saw this picture all I could hear was GGOOOSSSSHHHH
ReusLurid's avatar
"Hey Napoleon, gimme some of you tots."

HAHA epic. This is one hell of a piece.
Saiyajinskye's avatar
:rofl: :lmao: OMG! this is epic hahaha, this made my day.
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