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Lab Coat Obama

Another one day turn around for The Weekly Standard. Started around 5:00 a.m. Friday morning and finished late Friday afternoon. Wish I had more time to work on the petry dishes, I had to rush them a bit to make the deadline.
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InfamousHippo's avatar
is this like a stem cell research thing or what?
NekoCathy's avatar
TonyDennison's avatar
Wow. That is one of the most frightening caricatures of Obama yet. I never realized how chimp-like he looks... :-(
graphicsurge's avatar
ooh you arent allowed to draw that conclusion, even if its true! lol
Batartman1989's avatar
this is fantastic and true! love your work!
fenixfutura's avatar
Ha ha ha!Really good,your skills are amazing.Beautiful gallery.
lune-fille's avatar
Haha the expression you managed to capture is hilarious. He always makes that 'serious' face.
jeremy45's avatar
Greap render of Obama
pmaestro's avatar
you captured the blue in his lips perfectly too!
FrusenFisk's avatar
Really nice:D I wonder if Obama has a camel In his family^^
MegamanNeos's avatar
Yes, she's named Michelle.
dinos99's avatar
HA HA HA !!!!
sharpie99's avatar
really nice job on the hands
WendyLynn's avatar
No gloves? Tsk Tsk...
cggp's avatar
Yes, that be Obama :D Great caricature work as always.
chriscopeland's avatar
Well, its pretty awesome either way man, i love it.
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