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Serenity Limited Edition

Done in Acrylics on Board. Original still available. This was done for and licensed by Universal Studios, and the print edition is limited to 1000.
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Wow I thought this was a digital piece, that's even more impressive! (Bought it at comic con, is framed and on my wall now, thank you!!) :) 
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EPIC. This should be the cover art for a full series + Serenity combo set. I'd buy it like that! :D 
Jaw droppingly shiny! Really is very well done!
ANDY1701A's avatar
Fantastic! Love this show.
ScottRobertson's avatar
Great composition. I like the "outside of the border" effect.
onenine72's avatar
Brilliant work.
Keldain's avatar
Awesome Serenity picture! :)
Iceman783's avatar
best sci-fi show ever
Blooisonfire's avatar
I could just sit here and fav all of your works.. it's amazing!!
this is spectacular
artRoysm10's avatar
sweet! awesome! 10 for firefly
BenSoulstone's avatar
Wow. Very stunning and beautiful work!
GeekTruth64's avatar
No words...
shadowwolf9's avatar
Time for some thrilling heroics!
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Featured this and you in my journal here for Weekly DDer's [link]
rocketman05's avatar
I know this is a few years later, but would you happen to still have some?
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hey would u mind if i made myself a t-shirt with your art on it, cuz thiz iz really cool!!!! SERENITY RULEZ!!!
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VengaFett's avatar
oh wow....this is so awesome! :) Very well captured and put togther beautifully.
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That's really amazing. Excellent job! Great composition.
This is great work!
RogueofB3K's avatar
Wonderful work! I love Firefly. <3
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