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Jayne and Vera

Artwork for upcoming T-shirt. In Progress
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AnnaMystiQue's avatar
i love Jayneeeeeeeeee
nola-c's avatar
absolutely fantastic :D
DustyLink's avatar
There needs to be more Jayne art on dA, especially pieces of classic Jayne like this.
newmanaccount's avatar
I wish there were more episodes to that show, it was totally awesome.
tastydoll's avatar
How about a Jayne and phoebe?
daydreamsinc's avatar
I really want this t-shirt!
Dragon-Storm's avatar
"the hero of canton the man they call jayne"
rockie7777's avatar
Looks like he plans on misbehavin'. Nicely done.
0Shortie0's avatar
Squeeeeeeee! xD He's got the hat from his mother, awww.
Mr-Taboo's avatar
Man walks down the street in that hat, people know he's not afraid of anything.
Nice job :thumbsup:

ChristopherRobinArtz's avatar
In a word, Shiny!
Great piece of a hi-larious character from an awesome show/movie/franchise. :)
JMarcDodsonJr's avatar
Firefly was the best show ever! Awesome depiction of Jayne!
SonicSaturn's avatar
I named my bike after Vera,
and i have the hat :D
weirdxchicky's avatar
I have that hat. <3
allishaan's avatar
OMG!! I must acquire!! So i can wear it when i cant wear my Capn' Mal shirt!!
Zuks's avatar
I WILL BUY THIS SHIRT. I don't know if I can coherently form any other response.
JennHolton's avatar
Jayne will always be awesome.
screenlooker's avatar
I would definitely buy a shirt with this on it
JawaEater's avatar
Awesome! I would of traded Saffron for that gun.
AnariaZar-Rel's avatar
Fantastic work! I need that shirt when it comes out :)
LuzTapia's avatar
I love it!
Evilbunny01's avatar
This made me smile...
kspyoda3's avatar
The hero of CANTON!

"When do we go to a town where I am a hero?"
y2jenn's avatar
Jason, this is fantastic. I can't wait to see the finished piece!

"It's my very favorite gun." :giggle:
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