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Galactica piece

"I went through all this work, and all you get is this lousy T-shirt!"
I'll be appearing at two up coming Creation Entertainment shows: A Firefly/Serenity show this weekend: [link] and a Battlestar galactica one next month: [link] Hopefully I'll see some of you there. This shirt will be sold at the galactica show and be available through Creation's site.
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Want. So much want.
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can this be ordered on line?
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Brilliant piece of work.
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i love battlestar galactica to me it is better then Star Track
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I got this shirt! It was the last one the booth had left at Dragon*Con this year. I was really excited it was in my size. Thanks so much for the shirt :D
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Amazing - very Drew Struzan
Beatrix-White's avatar
really awesome! You captured the characters so well
geo-designs's avatar
Wow this is great!!!
Lillela's avatar
Any chance to get this shirt somewhere?
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That is badass! I'd definitely buy a shirt, poster, and coffee mug of that! :D
I want this.
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Is there anywhere to still get this shirt? I couldn't find in on their site(I know its old, but it rocks!)
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Love this!!! Need this!!
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Do you have any plans on selling this as a print in the future or is it strictly for the t-shirt? I've already ordered one - I love it!

I saw you at MegaCon in 2007 and bought a print of your other group Galactica piece and the women of Galactica sketch. And, I like this one even more than the first group piece - you can't beat One-eyed Tigh. ;)

I'm keeping my fingers crossed...I need a print with a Roslin remarque because I loves me my female dictators. (lol)
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If it comes in larger sizes I am all over it.
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I love this shirt and have been looking at it on the Creation website for a while now. I'm totally gonna get it.
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soooo awesome

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WOW. Fantastic.
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