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Emma Frost

Emma Frost pencil
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Really beautiful Emma:) (Smile) 
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incredible! beautifully done! love her expression Heart 
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Wow, thats just - wow! Really, I'm at a loss for words!
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one of the best emma frosts ive ever seen
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I enjoyed your gallery was wondering if you think it right to use one of your artwork and hang on my deviant!
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awsome work, nice shadows n lines
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love it!!! Emma is one hot character!!
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Love this. I always have trouble accepting realistic version of characters which give them a definitive face because they're always just a bit off by age or personality but this is probably one of the closest to my own imaginings of a character. The right age and the right amount of smug bitch :D I approve.
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awesome nice sketch of emma i love it
Man, this is good.
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Sweet. Love the pencil and shading.
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This is too good! You should colour this in some time, I want to see how it turns out. :P
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Easily one of the best Emma Frost pieces I've ever seen; you kept her a dominatrix-Ice Queen and still made her realistic at once. I'm still trying to figure out which actress you may have have loosely used as a model; she seems so familiar.

Really, really good.
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I dont much like her.
But i love the drawing.
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Hey, brilliant sketch of her. It's a really good realistic version, just how she should look like if she was in any of the films!
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