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The Mayan Cthulhu Artifact by JasonMcKittrick The Mayan Cthulhu Artifact by JasonMcKittrick
Some say that the Mayans have foretold the date of our doom, but others whisper that they also foretold the form that this doom would take!
From Cryptocurium comes The Mayan Cthulhu Artifact. This handsome museum style Mythos piece comes mounted on red velvet in a 6″ x 8″ shadow box with an aged description tag that reads the following:

Miskatonic University Special Collections Department- Item #70365
Date of Discovery: 1926
Location: Palenque, Mexico
Material: Jade
Measurements: 4.25” x 4.5”
Item discovered in a hidden vault during archaeological excavations at the Temple of the Skull in Palenque, Mexico. Item is believed to depict the entity known as “CTHULHU” as well as a star map that is thought to predict a prophesized celestial alignment necessary for his return.
Classification: Dangerous. Item #70365 has been observed to cause strange psychological effects after being handled.

Each Mayan Cthulhu Artifact is hand cast in solid resin and individually signed and numbered by artist Jason McKittrick.
The Mayan Cthulhu Artifact is available for 72 hours only!
$40+ shipping
International customers please inquire for shipping rates
Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery

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ArcanumTwilight Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012
Such beautiful and very elegant work.
Prophet-malum Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012  Student Writer
This is an extremely well-done work of Mayanism - which I assume to be from the Mayan Classical period wherein a Myriad number of death-gods were worshipped and given Human meat to sate their craven bloodlust to preserve the World ( a period later Mayans downplayed in horrid shame of what was done ). Incidentally, I have occasionally done an Aztec glyph and have made my own ''Kthulhu glyph'' in the Nahua style. One I've yet to give center stage. Also to note: The Aztecs would probably have seen Kthulhu as any other of their deities. And would've probably even have invented a special form of sacrifice just for Cthulhu-dev'. (Which is interesting when you consider that Howard P. Lovecraft Himself had the Aztec Teotlin (Gods) mentioned in ''the Electriv executioner'' alongside The Kthul-devs I might add!). Also, the 2012 thing petered out meaning 2013 is next in the death count.
JasonMcKittrick Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012
Thank you. I researched quite a bit to make sure it was uniquely Mayan and not Aztec, a mistake many people make.
Prophet-malum Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012  Student Writer
I have to agree, though these cultures come from the same root culture - the Olmec - to confuse them with each other is on par with confusing Hindu and Tamil, Japanese and Chinese, Or Arabic and Hebrew traditions ( a faux pas that will not be forgotten by any of these 3 groups easily I assure you.) I may also mention that I do prefer Aztec art because 1. I'm mexican''-american'' and 2. Aztec art is much more graphic. (The Codex Borgia especially!) And also because we know quite a bit more about the aztecs than the Maya, due to better records thanks to the Great B. Sahagun and also because of the Inquisition and the Horrible De landa Alphabet (a horrible cultural mistranslation with a Comical backstory.).
vonmeer Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012   General Artist
Very cool, awesome presentation. Looks authentic to the era.

Wonderful job bro.
JasonMcKittrick Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2012
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