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The Joseph Curwen Occult Treasury

A handmade collection of occult related items belonging to the infamous Necromancer Joseph Curwen from the classic H.P. Lovecraft tale, "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward".

Included in the treasury is a recreation of the oil portrait of Curwen described in the story and a chest devoted to Curwen's study of necromancy and the conjuring of the dreaded deity Yog-Sothoth. Items contained in the chest include:

The Key of Yog-Sothoth- an obelisk shaped black stone inscribed with the Sigil of Yog-Sothoth and encrypted hieroglyphic spells for summoning Yog-Sothoth. Measures 5'' x 2''

The Eye of Yog-Sothoth- a round shaped black stone amulet emblazoned with encrypted instructions said to be necessary in the summoning of Yog-Sothoth. Measures 2 3/4"

Necromancer's Wand- a mummified hanged man's finger in a glass tube affixed with appropriate charms of the dark arts. Measures 6 1/4"

Seven Sons of Yog-Sothoth- 7 glass specimen jars (6 small, 1 large) containing abominations produced from Curwen's arcane rituals. Each jar contains a different creature and has a protective occult circle affixed to the wax sealed lid to keep the still living creatures imprisoned. Small jars measure 3 1/4" x 1 3/4". Large jar measures 4 3/4" x 2 3/4"

Curwen's Cthulhu Idol- A small idol of The Great Old One carved from an unknown black stone. Used by Curwen in attempts to summon Cthulhu. Measures 2 3/4" x 1"

Occult Pages- several loose-leaf documents pertaining to Curwen's dark practices including two Necronomicon pages that give instructions for carrying out the rite for summoning Yog-Sothoth and his spawn.

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Wonderful and thank you!
EmmetEarwax's avatar
That painting, found under the paint on the wall near the fireplace, later flaked & crumbled away.
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That is beautiful!! :)
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I can't find words to express how amazed I am. This is extremely well done and detailed. Thank you sir, you're awesome
JasonMcKittrick's avatar
Hey, thanks a lot!
DaVinci41's avatar
I've seen a lot of Lovecraft-related artifacts in my time, but this ranks amongst the best! Outstanding work!
JasonMcKittrick's avatar
I really appreciate that, thank you!
DaVinci41's avatar
You're quite welcome.
Daughterof133's avatar
Wow, what masterful work! You really give a great sense of this fellow and what he was about. (Poor Eliza, she didn't know what she was in for...)
JasonMcKittrick's avatar
Thank you! Yeah, Curwen was a pretty nasty guy.
ShadowedAcolyte's avatar
Again, a spectacular piece.
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WHAT!!!???? Jay, this stuff looks incredible!!! I wish I was rich enough to just snag this stuff up. Well done sir.
capprotti's avatar
Absolutely man!
KariAnnLax's avatar
WOW. that is absolutely incredible. What a find!!
Hats off to you Jason, you haven't lost your touch ;)
JasonMcKittrick's avatar
Hey thanks! It means a lot coming from you!
KariAnnLax's avatar
I read the whole thing on ebay and the whole collection is so groovy!
Unfortunatley I'm afraid if I were to take it home, which we did discuss,
our cats wouldn't allow for display. And how pissed would I be to see the
Necromancer's wand half chewed in one of the cat trees?!?!?!?

I hope you get what it's worth, and you've reminded me again how I need to read
some books! lol
JasonMcKittrick's avatar
Haha! Very cool.

Yeah I came back to Lovecraft in my mid-twenties and the stories took on whole new meanings for me than they had when I was a teenager.

If you haven't read "The Call of Cthulhu", start there!
KariAnnLax's avatar
I'm ALWAYS working or making art, which means I'm ALWAYS at the computer.
Wonder if I can listen to it while I'm doing stuff. Will have to check that out.
I do know I'm writing that title down because I can't just die having not read any
Lovecraft. That's like... not right. Thank you for the suggestion!
JasonMcKittrick's avatar
You're most welcome!
MariaAragon64's avatar
As ever, you make the coolest stuff!
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