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The Joseph Curwen Journal Collection

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A handmade, one of a kind recreation of the Necromancer Joseph Curwen's Journal from the classic H.P. Lovecraft tale, "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward". Crafted in striking detail by Mythos artist Jason McKittrick, this prop collection is a must have for the serious Lovecraft collector or Live Action Role Player. Included in the collection are:

Handmade leather journal- Emblazoned with the seal of Yog-Sothoth and filled with the occult notations, arcane diagrams and eldritch incantations used by Joseph Curwen to "call down ye Spheres" and discover the secrets of necromancy and immortality.

The Gate of Yog-Sothoth- A small stone fetish of Yog-Sothoth said to be necessary in summoning the "Lurker at the Threshold". Item has an "indecipherable" inscription on its back.

Graven Image of Yog-Soth- An occult devotional image depicting Yog-Sothoth. Document includes inscriptions in English as well as an unknown "alien" language.

Several Occult and Alchemical documents are also hidden between the pages for the new owner to discover.............

SOLD-Private Collection
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Your Work is Fantastic!! Joseph Curwen is one of the most remarkable and truly resonates the term "Eldritch" to me in the Pantheon. He is closest to what I consider a Thaumaturgic Necromancer to be. The rest of your pieces are stunning! I will be watching you for future work. I hope you are getting commissions if not send an email to the Atlantic Radio Theatre Company for inclusion in their commercial released audio plays. They have similar less remarkable but well crafted period fare to go in their box sets. If not them there are others. Just an Idea. Wishing you FABULOUS Commercial and Creative Success!!
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Chaosfive-55Hobbyist General Artist
Yog-Sothoth Neblod Zin....
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WOW,that's very nice.
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MariaAragon64Professional Traditional Artist
Again...absolutely COOL.
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zombiequadrille Traditional Artist
Great work, Jason. Your perfect vignettes may be the best 'Lovecraftian'
artworks out there.
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Haha! Much appreciated, Sir!
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MskollHobbyist General Artist
you works are always GREAT!!!
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MskollHobbyist General Artist
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