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Iron Age Cthulhu Idol

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“Discovered in a sphagnum bog in Northern Ireland clutched in the hand of a bog body, this idol is a true historical anachronism. Sharing no stylistic similarities with indigenous artifacts of the region and produced with craftsmanship techniques not available at the time this item seems to confirm the existence of an as of yet unknown advanced ancient civilization.

The idol is believed to depict the infamous Great Old One Cthulhu. If this belief is correct then the sacrificial victim may have been a member of an ancient Cthulhu cult dating back to the Iron Age. The depositing of the body with the idol into the bog may have been an attempt by superstitious cultists to appease Cthulhu for a perceived offense.

Analysis of the idol has yielded more questions than answers. A metallurgical study returned no matches of any known substance on earth however the item seems to possess attributes of both iron and copper and is completely resistant to rust or patina. Researchers have suggested the unknown alloy to be of possible celestial origins.

Study of the hieroglyphics engraved into the idol have yet to be deciphered as well. They are the first known example of this unique form of pictographic writing.

Currently housed in the Special Collections Department of Miskatonic University.

Donated by the late Professor William Dyer.”

Idol Dimensions – 6 ¾” x 2 ½” x 3”

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This is great as usual!
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Excellent Cthulhu idol. I like the skull-like head.
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Start mass production, everyone should have one.
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Your work is brilliant!
If I may ask how much would it be to commission you to build another Cthulu idol such as this? Several years ago I ordered a Cthulu Idol from Arkham Studios but they sort of fell apart and while they took my money I never received the idol! So it would be good to perhaps finally buy one, and buy one directly from a reputable and awesome artist such as yourself...So if you are indeed willing to make an idol to order feel free to message me back directly at

Thanks! I look forward to hopefully hearing back from you soon!

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Dude that's awesome! Mind if I ask what it's made out of?

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!
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Thanks! Sculpey III.
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