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Eldritch Reliquary



Killian Foudation Item #1337129

Confiscated Occult Object- Reliquary

7''L x 2''W x 3''H

1. Reliquary in closed position.

2. Reliquary opened displaying seemingly mismatched anatomical, occult and folkloric images.

3. Full contents of reliquary displayed.

4. Detail of what Killian described as "Embryo of an unknown species of deep sea cephalopod" and that it appeared to be "Cthuuloid" in nature.

5. Two pages from an undocumented copy of the Necronomicon displaying depictions of the elder sign. Additional text has "resisted translation'.

6. Detail of specimen prominently displaying its several eyes. Detail-[link]

7. Detail of specimen revealing its multitude of tentacles. Specimen is approximately 5 inches long. Detail- [link]

Additional Note: Dr. Killian noted on several occasions that he believed he observed the preserved specimen "move of its own accord" and that it was "potentially hazardous".

Classification: Dangerous
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Not sure if I should fear the old ONES or the old BLOOD.