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Alhazred's Tablet

“Discovered by the “Mad Arab” Abdul Alhazred deep in the Rub' al Khali desert during one of his many trips there.
A broken shard from a larger relief sculpture, the tablet is thought to depict Great Cthulhu in the upper band, The Elder Sign in the middle band and Yog-Sothoth in the lower band. The two accompanying inscriptions do not match any known systems of man-made writing.
This item is believed to have begun Alhazred’s descent into madness which culminated in his writing of the Necronomicon.“

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The link to order this no longer contains this. Do you still have this for sale?
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They are no longer in production.
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I like that Yog's Tendril's look Arabesque here - More appropriate to the Silver key than the Dunwich Horror.

The Silver key - I personally think - is a bit more representative O' Sothoth than The other Stories He's in.

Makes Him more of a character than a monster - One of the few Gods in the mythos who actually speaks.
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Thanks a lot.

I always liked Nyarlathotep's "speaking" scene in The Whisperer in Darkness when he's disguised as Akeley.
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Funny, I always thought that was A Mi-go.

And the only time I recall Nyarl's Dialog was The Dream quest.

Other than that - I'll have to check my copy o' the whisperer on that 'un.

How's your knowledge of Good ol' Poe, by the way?
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That scene has been a point of contention among fans for years. But this passage from earlier in the story seems to confirm it. "go out among men and find the ways thereof, that He in the Gulf may know. To Nyarlathotep, Mighty Messenger, must all things be told. And He shall put on the semblance of men, the waxen mask and the robe that hides, and come down from the world of Seven Suns to mock"
I'm a huge Poe fan as well!
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Firstly - I'm going to want to know the source on that one - and also, I think that the Contradictions were intentional - Cognitive dissonance is one of the key elements of Lovecraftian Horror.

The more the mind tries to figure it out - the less it finds it knows.

This is why the Aztecs - whose lives were constant, unremmiting Horror - ultimately just gave up the search for philosophical Truth as disappointing and pointless.

That's why Lovecraft was open to having the Aztec Gods in the Electric Executioner Story
(Of which Huitzilipochtli was considered the ''Horror yet to come.'')
- They were the Original Horror Deities.
Of whom I've researched much.

{Another great example of Cognitive dissonance would be R.A. Wilson's ''Illuminatus! Trilogy.''}
And I'm only Arthur Gordon Pym away from having read all Poe's works.
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The quote is taken right from the Whisperer in Darkness. That's why I don't understand the debate. It seems pretty clear to me that it's Nyarlathotep.

A funny thing about Arthur Gordon Pym. In the story there are island natives who chant "Tekeli-li". Lovecraft later made this the phrase that the Shoggoths uttered in At The Mountains of Madness. This was his way of tying the Mythos and Poe together. Brilliant!
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Oh I just meant the fact that Nyarlathotep, ''He Who must not be named'', Hastur, Azathoth, ''the not to be named one'' , the lama of leng and the black pharaoh all overlap to some degree - that and the phrase ''Magnum Innominandum.''

That - and the fact that in the electric executioner that Huitzilipochtli, the aztec God of War, The sun, and the Endtimes is thrown in there alongside The Other Gods and Yog-sothoth
( of whom the first part of his name when translated into sanskrit means ''Yoga'' - meaning ''power'' in said language ) shows quite a few possible - though not as propable links in the chain.

It's worth noting, that Poe once wrote a text - a satire, in fact - called ''How to write a Blackwood Article'', and that a writer - aware or not of it being satirical - might use it - and other stories as a Template.
Poe Himself could not have failed to acknowledge by said Story that He Himself had essentially broken down Horror to a Formula.

And since the story itself mentions Sanskrit (spelled then as ''Sanscrit''. ) alongside Ancient Greek, French, German, Latin, etc.
( or ''&c.'' as Poe'd have known it. ) as necessary to know for any Sort of writing at the time.
It seems One of the key elements of Understanding Poe and Lovecraft.

Namely, their respective senses of Humour.

Plus the fact that Poe was educated in a time when the word ''university'' actually meant a ''Universal'' education.

Understanding How vast the Scope of The Goddess Eris's Name Spans can give a pretty good Idea of The Nature of What can be called ''Theurgic'' Language.

All that aside - both Men were Literary Geniuses - and that's why they are still Remembered.
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