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Ork Attack

Chapter illustration for Rogue Trader: The Koronus Bestiary. © Fantasy Flight Games. Photoshop, Artrage. Art Directed by Andrew Christensen.
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Orks, they shouldn't be the most dangerous race in the galaxy, but since they believe they are... They are.
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"Time tah bust me some Humie skullz!"
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We needs more red paint! Kill'em all!
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Flippin love this guy!
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I came here to Waagh, humies!
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Def' green an' mean!
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Looks pure green awesome.
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waugHHHH! go get em boy'z!...-and goes to plunder the loot in the name of the big mek. <3
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Very solid looking artwork, Love it!
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:clap: Beautiful work!
I pick up these manuals simply because of images like this sometimes (on the rare occasions I have spending coin :lol:)
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