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thanks for all the comments and to all the new watchers
just been mega busy lately painting for shows so haven't had much time to respond to everyone but i really do appreciate it hey

well it been a big year lots has happened
went soo fast
sorry no free chistmas card this year
been to busy painting for shows which is a good thing i guess

currently working on paintings for an art fair in Europe in march
for strychnin gallery will have lots fresh pieces for that

Artwork available at

contact Yasha at strychnin gallery for info or
to be on the preview list

black maria gallery  has prints
and paintings

small painting at hope gallery tattoos
in there next show

prints decks toys tattoos and originals  at my tattoo  studio
155 Sladen st Cranbourne
open 7days 12.30 to 7.00pm

appointment necessary for custom tattoos
and there at least a 3 month waiting list on large tattoos
if there is allot of drawing involved

no stars names or tribals thanks but not no thanks
dont ask as it wont happen

prints decks shirts and originals at Villain store Brunswick…;
will be tattooing at villian store a few days a week
all 08


the list is very long and growing
booked to mid 09

if you want to be on the list buy my art from the gallery and that will    
get you on it  

YES bribes are aways good too
send me you madLs
or thundermutts


thanks for all the comments and to all the new watchers
just been mega busy lately painting for shows so haven't had much time to respond to everyone but i really do appreciate it hey

upcoming shows

villain group show 15th december brunswick melbourne…;

6 artists

working a on a set 10 miniature paintings for this show and will have giclee prints will be available of recent painting

hand painted skateboard for a show in berlin jan/feb more info soon

3 decks for the nocomply show 07

also shows at strychinin gallery NYC/berlin/london for 07 more details soon

Artwork available at

orginals  in nyc my home base for the usa  
also a few piece at strychnin berlin gallery

one painting available at

prints decks toys tattoos and originals  at my tattoo  studio
155 Sladen st Cranbourne
open 7days 12.30 to 7.00pm

appointment necceary for custom tattoos

prints decks shirts and orginals at Villain store Brunswick…;


booked up with commissions till august/sept
sorry but wont be taking any new commissions on
untill then......


wooo hoo i got in the my mario  power up pieces in the i am 8bit show in la on the 18th of this month  it the power up mario

hope it gets there in time

probed again yay

Tue Dec 20, 2005, 11:21 PM
:analprobe: :analprobe: :analprobe: :analprobe: :analprobe:

yay every thing was going well

then i get a phone call from my mate letting me know that some fingin loosers have been posting up my chrismas card art work up as a poster with crap text all over it promoting their drum n bass night.....of course they never bother to ask me for permition and im in no way connected to these people .........

it just really piss me off as my friends at super villian asked me to to do a card which they printed and have been given away for free around melbourne cause we are just nice guys .... in less than a week of being on the street its already been ripped off by some lame ass wanna be graphic designer

..the thing that bothers me the most is that its local crew... i just dont get how rude people are as if i wouldnt find out and worse is it had my web address on the back of the card so there was no excuse no to ask...damn rude illegal even

grrrr  at least it wasnt da this time delete n stuff

on a postive note

lots toys to do for upcoming show in the usa so im really busy yay

itch 1 tshirt is avaible now to at super villian and its hell dope if it not up on ther site it will be soon


thanks to all my new freinds and for all the great comments im slowly checking out your work as i get time......


ps christmas sucks

:analprobe: :analprobe: :analprobe: :analprobe: :analprobe: :analprobe:
well im an anti chistmass person .....why.... its a load bs and it all about money just so over the whole comercialism of it wasnt there some religious thing in the some where under all that money.....

....the only good part of it is it ok to be drunk it almost expected  yay

well hope you are all looking forward to a bunch of crap that you dont even want......that you cant throw  out of fear of offending that person.... that was to lazy to think....

oh yeah tattoos make great chistmas presents thats one there stuck with for life...... yay

well thats my 2 cents worth

well enjoy your holiday guys thanks for all the new crew that are  watching me now too

Devious Journal Entry

Thu Nov 24, 2005, 8:15 PM
:analprobe: :analprobe: :analprobe: :analprobe: :analprobe:

lol another violation yay......i dont get da...they jerk us around with the tattoo thing...the new sections for tattoos on skin is no difernt to the last its still full of crappy tribals....on paper!!!! dont know why they dont go deletein all of them....

now they go delete stuff thats a bit rude and no where as bad as some of the stuff i see on here lol....

:analprobe: :analprobe: :analprobe: :analprobe: :analprobe: :analprobe:
well if you had read my las journal i had a bit of a delema i didnt name names as i wasnt tring to be a bitch or do damage to any one but just see waht peoples views where on art trades

the problem is now being sorted out and all is good ..


and i thought i was one step closer to be becoming bitter and jaded....

but it was intresting to see peoples views on this subject in general as this could happen to any one on da ....

......thanks hey
ok you make frinds with someone on da they love your work and ask you to trade with them for an say yes

send the piece of art off air mail half way around the world they get and are happy.....but they dont complete the trade  that they asked for in the first place

how long should you wait before you shuld get pissed off and make others aware of this person......and would you call this art you think being busy is an excuse . ....

im only asking these questions as this has happened to me and has made me very reluctent to do trades with anyone on da....for orginals

i was wondering what  other peoples views where on this ....or if it has happend to them

personaly i know i take a while to get things done or shipped as im usually very busy myself but i do try to make people aware of this so they dont feel like they have been burnt.....
ok here we go...havent been around to much or posting because ive been working my butt off on this show we are doing with mike from monkey......

little Monkey skateboard art show  Melbourne Australia… more info here on the show

profits for the show will be going to the royal childrens hospital too

heres the line up im so impressed with all the support and the amazing art

Monkey Artists

Gary Baseman
Tim Biskup
Frank Kozik
Huck Gee
David Horvath
Jaime Hayon
Jeff Soto
Mark Bode
Mitch O Connel
Joe Ledbetter

Australian Artists

Sean Jackson
Jane Laver
Jakob Morley
Andrew McLeod
Rachi Brains
Clint Steele
Sean Kelly
Astrid Brunning
Kinga Rypinska
Kate McInnes
Jason Jacenko
Nathan J
Lee Little
Sarah Osmo
Mandi Bartlet

USA Artists

Arron Cain
Greg Simkins
Tracy Tubera
Elizabeth Berdann
Sket One
Brett Prince
Jesse Hernandez
miQ willmOtt
Marcus Tegtmeier
Kirk Shelton
Klim Kozinevich

England and Europe

Neil O'Rourke
Emelie Jensen
Kai Spannuth
Pedro Delgado
wow newz to me 3 of my tattoos where moved out of the tattoo section into my scraps sort of sad considering that it is a tattoo section and proberly the only place suitable for posting tattoos here i have been told this is a vilation news to me  as every one is posting tattoos in there

oh well none of you will be seein any more of my tattoos on DA or any of my flash...... if i cant post my tatoos ther im defently not going to be giveing my flash away for free there if this is the case......…………

here you go these are violation mabe the staff should find out if the persons who posted these are a tattooist                    i dont think so  

i feel i as if ive been pick out of the crowd and im quite offended  as they never bothered to ask me if i did the tattoos or bothered to evern look thougth my gallery as it would have been quite clear to them that im a tatooist

well  anyway all my tattoo stuff on da is deleted now as i wound want to get banned for posting my own tattoos

and i will posting it all up here form now on
thanks guys for all your awsome entrys we will have a poll up soon

sticker comp for the show little monkey show we have coming up  with Monkey skateboards usa

vote for you favorite entry

this not a money thing just a bit of fun stickers made will be given away at the event

post them up in the forum we have set up…


things have been a pretty flat out for me and all my new art is for show that why i havent been posting and the lack of time

in lots of shows and a few magazines too

chop shop at the sdcc usa on now…

nocomly comply show here in melboune 12/8/05

100 punks show in new york usa
the line up in this one is insane ive seen a few of them and there just nuts art show at renaissance tattoos  usa

lil monkey show

putting on a show here in australia skate board art with monkey decks usa 10/29/05
and its a charity show to with over 30 arists ane 15 from the monkey crew  some of them from devinat art too i will post a line up soon

the profits of all the decks that im doing will be going to fund the show so if you where thinking of buy one send me an email as i have the second lots in....just got them today.........…

i will get some better pics this lot are even crisper than the first lot....720 dpi

my printer is useing a new process  it is printed onto the wood better than sreenprinting and  transfers.....the tecnique was developed by my printer over many years useing only the best materials on the all about a quality product no mass production thats why the deck arnt cheap as the not cheap boards from china or mass producion boards.....lots of pop and great to skated made by skaters for skaters....

sorry if this sound like an add but its for a good cause the charity is the royal chilcrens hospital foundation...... and they are fully on board

im not makeing a cent out of any of this and putting alot of my time money and art into this event  so show you suport

oh yeah it dosent matter if you dont skated most of the people buying the deck are hanging them on there walls and dont skate its all out the art

please dont ask me to draw any more tattoos i just dont have the time cool

thanks  to all the deviants in the show to very cool of you all to donate you art to such a good cause.....

well have to get back to work ans sorry about any typos i havent been getting much sleep for the last 3 months....


chop shop show

is starting to look like it going to be sick as snek peeks are being post of the cars now every few days ans ther is some awsome work in this if your not going to the comic con go check it out over at munkey king....its worth a look…

my car is… it al done and on it was to the usa so if you like my art go check out my custom gto under atomika and let me knwo waht you think

oh for you that dont knwo chop shop is 66 artist doing custom jobs ove prototype vinyl cars they will be all togther in a show at the comic con in san deiago in about 2 week

it was all put the together by miq from hot wheels its a project that hes put together outside of work..... what a line up of artist it going to be one awsome show and im relly excited to be part of it…
ok got to… for a sneek peek at my gto hand painted car for the chop shop show and there is more links ther for more chop shop mayhem that will be a the sdcc over 66 artists in this show so it going to be awsome and lots of big names too from the usa

let me know what you think


ok this just a quick one

im supper busy with all the shows and skated boards  thanks to all for your faves watches very cool of you all.......when i have more time i will check out you galleries

have to go

rock on

yeah today was great had to do a sleave of cool stuff lots of fun i will post pics of it as it getting done was going a bit nut from all the boring stuff names as tribals so it was a great break......thanks to all the people who gave me gaves watchs and comments  to sorry i just dont have time to thank you personaly but all of you have been driving me too work a bit harder on my art

to all my new freind from the last  2weeks

just rember to ask first before you started tattooing anyones art
on DA or getting it tattooed most of the time i will say yes go for it with most of my art or i might even have something better floating around that i will email to you if you ask nice...
well im giving it a go sorry if and of this sounds like an ass kissing trip out sesion but im tring my best to stay positve and focused as alot of bad shit has been going on in my life since christmas
to my close freinds my family and art and my good freind are preety much the only thing stoping me form lossing the plot and helping keepit togetter im not going into it

i think this is going to be along one but i think to much as i spend most of my time on my own and have learnt alot about myself in this time

i hate money when ever i make it i spent most of
it on other peoples art why because i want support other artists as much as can as i know how hard it can be as im there myself most of the time...    

what would the world be if there was no art?

....this is the main reason why i dont sell my art really cheap as every painting that i ever sold i have used the money to buy art from other artist that i respect and i can see that have worked very hard to get where they are and there are a  lot of them out there

names there not imporant to me just because someones big i wont buy it if it isnt good..... i will  buy anything that is good or even that isnt that good tecniqual but the ideas is great and touches me that is just  proberly the most imporant thing  to me about art just so you know over half my collection is by unknows that where broke and need money for materials or food

also if they under price there work i pay them more and buy several pieces of ther work so they learn not under price themselves as alot of artist do this and it usually the one that have worked the hardest on a peice and have nothing becuse they do as people wont pay for all that time in it actully freeks some artist out as they start thinking i want something form them or im tring to mess with their heads or somethng cause they have never meet another artist that believed in them that much.....

........but yes i do have a few big name as well as they give me goals to work towards too and make it their art more real to me as it just not the same seeing it in a book......and i do my best to get that art at a good price as they usually have plenty of money by then and are doing quite well.....

mmm well i think my collectin is getting pretty big around 150 painting prints scuptures thats not including all the art toys and there all in the tatto shop  lots of people get to see them and enjoy them aswell......

  i dont do art for money as that when it becomes a product for me personaly and no longer sever its true purpose  an escape form all the horrible things in this world that make me not want to be part of it and polute my mind with negativeity and distrust........drugs dont work there just tempary quick fix i know as i been there and they almost destoyed my mind in the process from years of abuse so if yu are going hard dont for get to have a break you brain will thank you later....

why art is so important to me as when i see art that i really like its so easy to go into the world the world they have created  and leave the bad things behind for a brief moment as it a glimse into someone esles state of mind and was important enought to drive them to do it.....there are alot of beautiful mind out thee that do make this forum and the world a better palce for us all i guess thats why i try to give so much back it my way of saying thanks

why i tattoo

tattooing lets me buy lots of equipement  so i can produce better work and has given me the oppertunity to meet alot of really
great people and get pretty close to them as freinds thats important in life.....people who love you for being you...the tattoing life style have given me the oppertunity to give some people break and get into the industry only one of those people is still tattooing and has the skills to suport his familly and still do do what he loves......tattoing and he earnt it as he work very hard for it as it wasnt a job for him but his life  

doing differnent  things like 3d animation air brushing sculpture carving if you have done it give it a go as you never know you just might get hooked and find your thing....and it fun and chanllange

well i dont know where this all came from im going a bit insane
and no im not off my head im just a self absored intraverted extravert that is scared and affaid of the world out there who finds peace in art and the people who create it as there kind enought to share there mind with me.....

working on my own all the time

this place is my outlet people like yourself make belive in my self a bit more and help me get over my fears that have been holding me back my whole life ive done this for alot of people in my life but it nice that after all this time its starting to come back to from some really great people that love there art and are like me in ther own way and just want to help me do what i do

so i thank you for putting up with me and my crazy shit i
know i can be really anoying and full on at the best of times and even a bit rude but thats me

and if you did read all of this i hope it made you think about  yourself  and why you create the things you do if yu
would like to share them thoughts i would love to read them no matter how much you have to say i would like to know what drives you all

thanks to all my new friends sorry if i havent replyed to all you coments i do try really if you havent worked it out by now im a bit of a unit and im alwas over loaded with things to do but i do aprecate you all as you all inspire me to work harder and do even more way out crazy stuff.....

if you want my work tattooed or want to tattoo it read this if not
dont waste you time go do a drawing or something cool like posting more of you art so we can all see it

ive had alot of people asking me if i can draw somthing for them as they want some of my stuff tattooed on there skin thats
cool but i just dont have time to draw stuff for every one

so if you see something that you like in my gallery that you want on you skin send me a note and ask and i will let you know if its all cool..if its somethig that really crazy that you think i would want to do send me you ideas and i might find the time some how you never know and well work something out

.....if your a tattooist ask first if you end up doing alot of it or something big and are making quite a few bucks out of it

  it would be nice if you buy something from me a skate deck or even an original to hang in your shop or send some cool flash sheets or a shop shirt just something as i love getting goodies
in the mail

this is how i work when i tattoo lots of someones art i try to give back to the artist in some way so they dont feel like there being ripped and getting nothing out of the hard work

the last thing if you post the tattooed work anywhere just put a link to my gallery with the pic

thanks sorry i had to go througth all of this but im just letting you know so i dont have to go through it over and over
with ever person that asks me the same questions i feel like a nob doing this but it had to be done

blinky was the one who got me to get my stuff up here to so go check is stuff out if you havent already too

cool as rock on and go post lots of cool stuff
things are looking up im over the name thing just been invited to paint a new prototype  toy car that will be at the Munkey king stall at the sdcc in a few months theres over 40 artist five different cars and i think it will be advertised in juxtapoze to im excited.....few other shows in the pipe lines  just waiting for more info but i will post pics of the car when the shows over the insane toys im just stoked to be part of it
well here we go my first journal entry

life seams to change all them time and nothing is constant or is it ....ive been tattooing on my own for a good part of the last 3 sort of going a bit insane it not working on my own but it my customers usally i can deal with  and they dont bother me to much and i happy tatooing their shitty idea of whats good but over the last month and bit well since i have been here  something strange has happened i feel like im part of something a joke or somthing even stranger.....well i tattoo for a living yeah thats cool but what ive been tattooing is really starting to bug me for some unknow reason 3out of ever four tattoos i have been doing is the same thing now this is wierd almost freeky and is starting to drive me nut,,,,,,

what is it im tattooing mmmmmmmmm

well it names yes names and lot of them big one small one name of dead people name of there kids ..their wifes name ther husbands name there own name name in difernt languages  and ever the fonts they want  them in are the same comerial script or old english

.......well ive been tattooing for quite a few years now and this has never happen before it really starting to get to me it like im halfway thought an episode of twilight zone or something.....i dont undersand why all of a suddend almost every one that comes in finds it so important that they need to mark there bodys with a name forever

what even stranger is i studied typography for almost 2 years its like its come back to haunt me or something because i know better i cant just do a half assed name like all the ones i see come in done by other tattooist its  almost like a curse because i care about my work

why me? why is this suddenly just happened?

i even put the prices up on names  and they still get them there unstopable  and relentless name hungry tattoo fiends for some one isnt enought they have to get 2 or 3 really big

well im not expecting any naswers to these question but i just had to get this out in the hope that this trend will end soon as it is really makeing me queation myself as an artist as i dont want to become the human equivant of a typewriter but that what feel is happening  i guess that why ive been posting so much stuff as im scare if this dosnt end i will loose who im am
you may think in be over dramatic but tattooing is  my life and spend over 100 hours a week in the shop and have started takeing time off to get away form all the names

well all i can say is im happy to be here on devaint  as if it wasnt for the support of the people here i would have comitted myself by now or very soon and i thank you all for beeing there
and blinky most of all for pushing me to get it happeiing here