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madl remix
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5inch madl painted with acrylics

reworked the original printed design on the toy and painted a new face on it

for the villian show
at no vacancy gallery melbourne
12th December
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Mayne1|Hobbyist General Artist
LOL i like
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CorazondeDios's avatar
every home should have one of these!

(don't ask me what for. they look very useful, though!)
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shadowfluid's avatar
shadowfluid|Hobbyist General Artist
Media Molecule needs to make a sack-boy costume of this.
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clairde's avatar
nicely done, what brand of acrylic did u use?
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Draciel56's avatar
Draciel56|Hobbyist Interface Designer
Do they have blank ones of these? Or would you always have to paint over it?

Really incredible work by the way..it almost looks computer generated.
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messymedia|Professional Artisan Crafter
very well painted. nicely done.
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Chop-Logik's avatar
That's insane. In the good way.
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InsgesamtIngobert's avatar
it looks fantastic :O I love how you repaint those toys. I thought I already watched you, and now I've seen that I've missed some pieces *argh* now it's time to watch :) keep up your work, it's incredible.
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Lou-Pimentel's avatar
hahah pretty slick Jason, love the remix.
You've been a busy boy lately, what else you got brewing in the lab?
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papaspaulding's avatar
Really nice work! I've been thinking quite alot about doing some vinyls myself over the past few days and seeing this really shows what can be done and makes me more determined to try it.
What youve done here is awe inspiring!
The face reminds me of 'gremlins' or gizmo to be exact.
Iv'e looked on ebay myself but cant seem to find any blank vinyl dolls anywhere? well none this good anyhow, although i cant afford them right now anyhow if there anything like the prices ive seen on the 'munny's and such. I've even thought of sculpting some myself but then clays heavy and fragile :(
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JasonJacenko's avatar
this toy is called a madL
there should be plenty of them on ebay
and you just clean the printing off with acetone
check out kidrobot forum there lots of info
on there about toy customizing
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papaspaulding's avatar
Thanks for the advice. I browsed kidrobot the other day looking at toy prices but didnt think to check the forums out.
Again, thanks for the help I'll check it out.
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bloodlustattoo's avatar
bloodlustattoo|Hobbyist General Artist
for MADL check [link]
they have toys what kidrobot dont have
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BiLBetsOviC's avatar
greaT STUFF!!!!!! i love his expression...he looks like a trouble maker.
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RedPaints's avatar
RedPaints|Professional Digital Artist
I love the expression, hahah. You've got mad skills!!

And acrylics for the win.
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bryancollins's avatar
bryancollins|Professional Traditional Artist
I like your version. Wonderful, as usual.
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xxxMDKxxx's avatar
xxxMDKxxx|Professional General Artist
Where are you buying the figures to paint on?

x Kyle Giffen
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