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epic fail

i keep seeing this, tattooists trying to reproduce my art work that just are not skilled enough to do it. this is why i dont want my work used as tattoos unless it is tattooed by me. i really care about the quality of my tattoo work and i die a little inside when i see tattooist do such a poor job of reproducing my work. i know i cant stop people from stealing my work but please dont insult me by posting it on line with your name on it trying to palm it off as your own this artist got almost 30,000 hits and didnt even bother asking if he could use my art in the first place. apparently this myskow is so lazy that he has someone to post the artwork he steals for him... pathetic
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Too many fuckers out there tattooing who can't even draw serving the mugs who wanna get Chinese symbols and their names in italics
Seeing an artist of your high grade talents be ripped off by a muppet like that must burn deep... Rest knowing your the man and he is shit!
Beautiful, my daughter loves this tat. Unfortunately for her she's only 10, :), so there will be no tattoos in her near future. It is sooo hard to find a good tattoo artist where I live in Ontario, Canada.

I would love a picture of your elephant for my daughter, is that possible??
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You can truly see the quality and time you have spent in your tattoos. I cant imagine how upsetting it must be seeing things like this.
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I love elephants and I saw the one that was stolen and after seeing this one it is a shame that people wouldn't at least ask, if I see something I like I'll usually ask and if I don't ask I don't produce it to the world acting like it's mine, sometimes I'll just use someone art as a tool to try to recreate and better my skills as an artist. I really love this elephant tee hee I would so love it tattooed. However my brother does my tattoos. :D Anyways shame on people.
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And his work wasn't even close!
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I feel sorry for whomever paid for that ripoff tattoo, it was done awfully.
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Bet he thinks his version is the better one as well. People are idiots and learning to live among so many is hard. Love your work and I hope this dude gets a bitch slap or two. Life will eat him in the end anyways!
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i understand this must be upsetting and frustrating for you but the title made me laugh.
im sorry someone stole ur work tho, i love that elephant
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I agree replicating a tattoo that's been done before is lamesville... Using designs as a point of reference is ok in my opinion but not when you don't have the talent to pull it off
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I'm not justifying anything here but even Paul Booth started out doing shitty tats of Taz. And the internet is a wide world all its own so there is a very likely chance, especially if it was done in a small town, that the customer printed the pic and brought it in. We had an instance here where my coworker was given a sketch that the guys buddy claimed was an original and it turned out it was taken from my coworkers portfolio. I've got work in my portfolio that I've found out years later was taken directly from deviantart. The problem has become the ease of access. Tattoo artists don't always have time to do the research to make sure something isn't put out as public use and turning down customers because we aren't sure something brought in is free domain is bad for business. The only way to prevent it from happening is to not share it, especially online, and we all want our art to be seen.
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Ugh, it disgusts me that people do this! Lazy twats that can't even design their own designs.
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Wow, thats pretty horrible.
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oh dear that is an epic fail compared to yours!!!! i always get people ripping off my voodoo and pinup stuff... the way i see it they're devoid of any imagination. but i absolutley adore the original version!!! amazing work and beautiful color contrasts! the textures are stunning! keep up the good work dude and keep showing up those copycats!!! : )
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how frustrating! It drives me insane when people don't want to purchase the rights to use my art for tattoos. Your work is amazing, i'm sorry so many people take advantage of your talent!
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ugh. sorry that happened :(
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ok. i know the guy.
its quite old work, now he is one of the best out there.
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upsets me i only just saw this becuase he never bothered to ask me if he could use my work or circulate it with his name on it. i just get tired of seeing this as it happens so often. usually when people ask i can at least send them to someone i know that will do a decent job
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i know what you mean, but there is few things.
when you work for somone else you cant say no to the boss, because money is money, and those guys had nothing to say. i had the same thing in every shop i worked, and after mentioning i will never copy other people stuff i just got fired or quit myself.
that guy, i met him once, is real good person. he is not a prick, and for and i know that he regrets his older works.
every tattooist did some copys in his life.
thats a guy gallery.
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3 times ive seen this happen to me this week sorry i just cant feel sorry for people that do this to me. posting them on the internet is rubbing it in my face. not one email from this guy has done nothing for me or my career im just an artist too tring to pay my bills and find people that will let me tattoo my art on them. just tried of seeing this and get pissed about it every now and again and feel the need to post something about it to let people know it upsets me not tryig to be a prick or anything just upset.
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i know.
there was other guy with him in that studio and he is posting a lot of copys of his works,some of them are in progress, and guys that did a copy are mad because he post their works :P but that nothing new.
i quit tattooing over 6 months ago.sic of beign a slave to customers.
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you do great work by the way proberly a smart move quiting tattooing is pretty sole destroying at least this way you can grow as an artist and do what you want with it.
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do you have a link for his website?
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